Jan 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Everyone!

Today's the seventh day of the Chinese New Year and it is traditionally known as 人日 (Rénrì) where it is the Birthday of EVERYONE. Woohoo!

And since the first two days of the Chinese New Year weren't exactly enough for the adults to feast to their satisfaction, the first weekend of the Dragon Year would see di-di, mei-mei & me tagging along with Daddy & Mummy to their friends' homes.

Luckily for us, one of the homes was that of Benji's & Sarah's. 

And together with Clara, when you put us all in proximity, you are ensured of ear-popping shrieks and laughter from the 5 of us!

Erm well... only 4 for now, because Sarah was busy treating mei-mei like her beloved doll.

Not that mei-mei minded of course.

In fact, I think she loved being fussed over by her Sarah jie-jie. Hee.

That was until Sarah had TWO dolls to fuss over!

And while we kids were busy playing, the adults decided to play too - with food (again!).

But they had (wisely) left us kids out of this food-tossing event.

I wonder why?

龙众 huat arh!

No matter, we kids got our share of share later when it was time to cut the Birthday cake!

No, it wasn't because of 人日. Though I wished it was because that would mean ALL of us would get a present!

Rather, it was to celebrate both the birthdays of Benji & Sarah as their special days also fall in the month of January.

I know what Benji wished for - more trips to Disneyland!


Happy Birthday everyone! May all your wishes come true in the Year of the Dragon!

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