Jan 16, 2012

Hello again, West Coast Park!

It has been quite a while since Daddy & Mummy last brought us monkies to West Coast Park for a dose of adventurous fun. Far too LONG in fact.

So when Daddy sought suggestions from di-di & me for places we would love to go on a sunny Saturday morning, West Coast Park was a no-brainer!

The last time when we were there, we zoomed right towards the Adventure Play Area. This time wasn't any different.

Di-di & I love the this giant spiderweb-like climbing structure to bits! Especially since there were the 2 slides at the top of the pyramid to entice us to reach the apex in the quickest time possible.

I decided to go try something new - the Flying Fox!

It was definitely something thrilling and scream-inducing... erm, 'cos you would have to see who was the one dragging me along the line. It was Daddy in case you were wondering. Heh.

Di-di, on the other hand, was rather content to keep scurrying up the pyramid structure and sliding down.

And up he went again. I think he must have gone up and down at least 5 times! Considering he was all jittery and unsure when he first attempted it less than a year back, I must say he has done superbly well! :)

As for mei-mei, she has the toddler playground to keep her occupied.

Okay, you can't tell from the photo above. But contrary from what her expression depicted, she was having loads of fun in the fire engine structure.

In fact, she was hogging the steering wheel the WHOLE TIME! :P

So when Daddy tried to peel her away, erm... it wasn't exactly such a good idea.

If you think only adults suffer from road rage, think again.

Yup, she was extremely possessive about her yellow steering wheel. Hee hee.

I wasn't that stupid to go disturb the diva, so I decided to go try something new instead.

It's a big wheel which is able to rotate 360 degrees - much like a hamster wheel.

And I was supposed to lie within the circle, lock my knees while Daddy attempted to spin the wheel. Obviously, I expected to be spun upside down... only thing was, I was afraid that I would fall down! :P

But I was still (apprehensively) game for it!

So with my eyes closed, away I spun!

My verdict? I think my face said it all.

HAHAHA... it was fun! I lost count of the number of times I asked Daddy to spin me actually. Heh.

In fact, di-di also had a go at it after seeing how dizzying fun I was having!

And when it was time to leave, we were all reluctant once again. At least this time, Daddy & Mummy promised to bring us back soon!

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Isaiah Kuan said...

I have yet to bring my girls there..but seen so much of it from your blog, I feel like I have already been there.. =)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Isaiah,

Hahaha... thanks! You should bring your girls soon then, they'll love it!

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