Jan 25, 2012

Our CNY visits

Chinese New Year for us monkies, has always been revolving the same house-visiting routine ever since I was born. At least for the first 2 days of the new year. But that's not to say we are bored with all the house visiting - in fact, I feel it's kind of fun to visit so many different relatives' homes in one day (and to collect so many ang pows too!).

Our first day of the Chinese New Year usually kicks off with a family portrait at our own place.

And this usually means loads of goofing around for the camera too!

We then make our first stop of the day - at Ma-ma's & Ye-ye's house - for some traditional Cantonese dishes that Ma-ma whips up every CNY.

This is then followed by an also very important tradition too, whereby we monkies serve tea to our elders, aka Ma-ma & Ye-ye.

And this year, mei-mei can join in our routine as well... erm, only problem was... she was the one who wanted to drink the tea! Adoi!

And like almost all families, we would have our annual family photo taken as well. :)

Then, it's off to Kong-kong's & Por-por's house to wish them a very prosperous Chinese New Year!

We usually gorge ourselves silly again there, and continue to do so at both of our Tai-Pors' (Daddy's and Mummy's grandmothers) house next.

We monkies look forward to this part of the day, because it's the only time where we get to play with our food - just like the adults!

It's yusheng (or some kind of Chinese salad with raw fish), where we can literally throw our food high up into the air. Not only that, we are permitted to shout as loud as we want to! The adults usually go 'HUAT ARH!', but di-di & I just want to compete to see who can toss the ingredients highest. Hee hee.

The adults believe the higher the yusheng is tossed, the more luck one would have. As for mei-mei, the only thing she wants more is CNY goodies!

See what I mean?

 And if the gorging during our first day of the CNY is excessive, I think the second day isn't any better. :P

The second day consists of visits to our various uncles' and aunties' homes and yup, we still had to begin the day with a photoshoot at our home.

Only this time, di-di & I grew tired of the typical smiling-for-the-camera shots.

So we tried something different.

Smart hor? Like that we didn't have to smile for the camera at all. Wahahaha...

Then it was off to our proper 拜年. And even mei-mei had her own bag for mandarin oranges!

So it was hello to yet more rounds of feasting... for the adults (and mei-mei). For us boys, there will usually be the computer, TV or iPhone at the respective homes to keep us company as the adults went about their merry-making. :P

The only problem? We would have to wake up early for school the next day, while Daddy & Mummy have to go back to work. Uh-oh.

Oh well. At least we can be sure there'll be more visiting come this weekend!

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