Jan 20, 2012

P1 Musings

(Daddy blogs)

It has been about 3 weeks of primary schooling life for Ash now, but it seems like he has been at it for 3 years. And I mean that in a good way. He has adapted fantastically to his new routine, sometimes even waking up in the morning before the alarm starts its nuisance routine.

Just the other day, I asked him what is his favourite period in school:

Me: Is your favourite period Maths?
Ash: Nope.
Me: Oh, I know... P.E.!
Ash: No, it's RECESS!!!


He makes sure he eats his food real fast during Recess so that he still has enough time to go to the Playground or Library after that.

Just like me last time.

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Fun Place For Kids said...

When I was reading this blog, I was just thinking about my nephew because when he was in play group and come back to home from school then he always said that.. I have finished my whole lunch today… He never talked about anything else that was happening in his school , he only told about his recess, that’s why i like your post.

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