Feb 27, 2012

The beach will do just fine

(Daddy sun-bakes)

I had originally wanted to bring the 2 boys to try out the Double FlowRider at the Wave House, Sentosa over the weekend. Alas, when we got there around noon time, the next available session was in the evening at 7.30pm! 

Erm, no way was the wifey & I going to wait that long and risk triggering the restless function in our monkies.

So we did the next best thing.

We let them run loose at Siloso Beach.

I must say it had been quite a while since we last hit the beach, so it wasn't any wonder that the 2 boys were delirious at spending the afternoon with sand between their toes.

The wifey & I were pleasantly surprised to find the beach rather clean actually; in fact the water was pretty clear too! Well, of course it wasn't the postcard-worthy sort of blue tinged sea but it will do just fine.

In all honesty, I don't think the colour or clarity of the sea mattered much to the boys.

They were just bent on enjoying themselves to the fullest.

And have I mentioned that they went absolutely bonkers at the beach?

I guess I did. Heh.

And where was Ale all this while???

At some water feature, a few steps away from the beach.

You see, she absolutely detests the sand. And will immediately scream blue murder if her delicate tiny toes came ever so close to those grains.

Well, I do hope it is temporary. At least her 2 brothers went through the same phase, and look at them now.

And being the nice brothers that they are, the 2 boys took some time off their busy beach schedule to entertain the little diva too.

But I'm sure it was because they wanted to wash off the sand from their bodies as well. :P

Although things didn't go according to plan, the monkies still had their share of splashing fun in the end. And when there's water, there will always be laughter from them. Because the beach will do just fine.

Or in Ale's case, jet sprays of water will do just fine as well.

Errr... but that's not to say they had stopped bugging me about the FlowRiding session at the Wave House! Luckily, I had already pre-booked a session for a later date and time. Phew!

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