Feb 17, 2012

A Disney Surprise!

2 days ago, Daddy appeared when I was dismissed from school. It turned out that I didn't have to sit the school bus back home that day because di-di & I were in for a real treat.

Daddy whisked us both to the Science Centre for a ultra special surprise - a preview screening of a brand new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movie: Mickey's Space Adventure!

Running at 60 minutes, it's not your usual Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode. But all the kids who were present *surprise surprise* didn't mind that one bit!

In fact, we all stopped playing the fool and plonked ourselves on the comfy sofas once the familiar Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song came on.

Perhaps the spread of finger food helped to keep us transfixed on the giant screen too.

It must have been pure bliss for all the parents. Because for once, all the children were quietly seated and the adults could slowly savour their food. And Daddy had a fun time too, catching up with other parent bloggers like Edmund, Adora, Daphne, LeonnyFlorinda and Janine. Daddy says it was great meeting all of you! :)

So imagine the parents' disappointment when the 'Hot Dog' song blared through the speakers, hence signaling an end to their peaceful socializing time. Hee.

So did we enjoy the movie?

Of course we did! I don't want to give much away, but let's just say Mickey & gang are off to the far reaches of outer space to look for hidden treasure. Their interplanetary trip takes them to many planets and along the way, they are aided by many characters... like Pluto who is from the planet *spoiler alert!* Pluto. Bet you didn't see that coming.

And we are sure to catch it one more time when it premieres on 20 February 2012 at 1pm, on Disney Junior channel.

Oh alright, make that another time when the repeat telecast comes on at 3pm on 5 March!

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