Feb 3, 2012

Transformers Cybertron Con 2012

(Daddy transforms)

Transformers (the cartoon, not the electromagnetic induction device) have long been part of my life, especially during my growing-up years. I remember I used to rush home straight after primary school in the evenings, just so that I would not miss the Transformers cartoon at 6.30pm. Much like aunties chasing a Taiwanese soap opera, my friends and I would discuss the episodes at great length in school the next day.

And the fascination with these Autobots and Decepticons have prevailed... in my 2 boys. I had watched the Transformers Animated cartoon series together with them in 2008 and it was enough to get them hooked. 

Ash became the Optimus fanboy, and Ayd was smitten with Bumblebee. While I was the one who took charge of the Decepticons during playtime. Because someone has got to be the bad guy. Right?

The above photo was taken in 2009.

My oh my, see how much they have grown since then. Now, Bumblebee is taller than Ayd already!

Hahaha... I'm kidding.

We chanced upon this Bumblebee statue during our Hong Kong holiday last December, and it was then that the boys fell in love with Transformers all over again - this time in a very different form.

Unlike the usual Transformers action figurines which can transform between vehicle and robot forms, Transformers Kre-O is a line of building system by Hasbro which uses construction bricks to assemble the robots and their alternate forms. Yup, much like the brand that begins with L. (And it works with that thing that begins with L too!)

Naturally, this had to be classified under the 'Educational' category. Which of course gave me the most compelling reasons to further 'educate' my 2 boys.

The cheaper-than-Singapore prices didn't help matters too. Heh.

But I have to say it was absolutely worth it.

It's one thing to love Transformers, it's another thing to be able to build your own Transformers from scratch!

The boys have been spending the past few weekends furiously constructing their Transformers Kre-O playsets. And the weekends have never been more peaceful.

And when Ash completed his 568-piece Optimus Prime trailer and Ayd finished his 336-piece Bumblebee Camaro, the looks of satisfaction from their faces were immense.

Should the robot forms be preferred, then they can be taken apart and reassembled. More peaceful weekends ahead if you ask me. Woot!

Personally, the best part that I like about the Kre-O line isn't the construction sets - it's the Kreon figurines!

They are mini-figurines, much like those L-mini-figures. They come together with the construction sets and I think they just look awesome... my personal faves are the Megatron and Shockwave ones.

Great, now I feel like collecting them all. :P

At least they are small enough to fit into the boys' Transformers shrine!

And in the midst of them constructing their Transformers sets, I reckon they will be extremely excited to know that the Transformers Cybertron Convention 2012 will be heading here during the March school holidays!

Okay, I admit. I am pretty much drooling with anticipation as well.

For the first time in Southeast Asia and following the its successful inaugural convention in Shanghai in 2010, the Transformers Cybertron Convention will be held in Singapore at the Resorts World Convention Centre from 11- 14 March 2012.

In addition to an extensive display of Transformers toys, cartoon animation and video games, there will also be panel sessions with Hasbro and Transformers experts and a 22-foot tall Optimus Prime statue!

Tickets for the convention are priced at $12 for a Day Pass and $68 for a four-day VIP Pass.

You can purchase the tickets through the Resorts World Sentosa website at www.rwsentosa.com, ticketing booths located at Universal Studios Singapore, or via reservation hotline +65 6577 8888. Tickets are already on sale.

For more information on Transformers Cybertron Con 2012, please visit www.cybertroncon.com.


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