Mar 14, 2012

Lower Seletar Reservoir Waterplay

Remember what Daddy said a week back about just adding water to us cheeekiemonkies?

DUH. As if it was rocket science to begin with.

Just put us 3 monkies next to some water and watch effervescence ensue.

So during one Sunday, Kong-kong & Por-por decided to bring us all down to the Lower Seletar Reservoir Park where it had a nice water play area for kids. It wasn't our first time there, but it was Daddy's & Mummy's.

And since it was an impromptu decision, Daddy didn't have his trusty cam with him. So all the photos in this post were taken using his iPhone. There, I've passed the message.

On to our water play proper!

It was really quite a nice water play area, with a small stream and wading pool for the kids to frolic in. And it wasn't really that deep too, since the water level only came up to mei-mei's thighs.

Besides the wading pool, there were these giant, erm, flowers which spurted water as they spun.

And which di-di derived great pleasure from I think.

Mei-mei, on the other hand, was totally enamored by this particular water spout. Which she derived great pleasure from - as it squirted jets of water onto her face.

But the greatest attraction of all, and also the one which we play at for the longest time, was the fountain of jet streams.

We had loads of fun there.

Erm, LOTS of fun. :P

Hee hee. Yes, that's why we are called Cheekiemonkies.

Overall, nice place to while away the morning or afternoon if you are nearby. It isn't terribly crowded too, so it's rather peaceful as well.

We will definitely be back. SOON.

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seishouai said...


How do you get to this part of the reservoir by public transport? Thanks!

Edmund said...

This park looks nce! :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi seishouai,

Think Bus 804 stops somewhere near the Water play area.

Hi Edmund,

yup it is! Nice place for their grandparents to bring them to on Sundays, since the kids never get tired of it. :)

Jul said...

Hi are there adult and children changing rooms at the park?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Jul,

Toilets, yes but not too sure about changing rooms. Sorry!

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