Mar 12, 2012

Transformers Cybertron Con 2012 - The Battle Begins!

Following Daddy's sneak preview of the Transformers Cybertron Con 2012 on Saturday, which he he didn't bring us along by the way (Hmph!), di-di & I finally got the chance to head down to the Convention proper yesterday morning as it opened its doors to the public.

If you can't tell by now, the 2 of us were uber excited about the Convention. In fact, both of us woke up at 7am and dragged Daddy out of bed. Just in case we were late.

Well, we need not have been too worried, because we were there right before the doors opened. And luckily there were the Kreons mascots to keep us (and the huge crowd) entertained.

Di-di & I brought along our own cameras too, so that we would be able to snap whatever we loved during the Convention. And we did put them to good use.

I took the above photo while di-di snapped a picture of Bumblebee.

And once we entered the Compass Ballroom, there was no stopping us. Hee.

I fervently snapped away...

While Ayd was even more relentless than me!

Well, Daddy did interrupt us every now and then. *grumble*

And when we reached the display of ALL Transformers toys in its 28-year history, we... erm, went totally bonkers!

Actually, Daddy did too. Especially when he lamented that Ma-ma shouldn't have thrown away his old Transformers toys when they shifted house last time.

Now, I know what to what to do with my Transformers toys already. Hmmm... I wonder if Thomas trains & Hot Wheel cars will appreciate in value too huh?

We spent quite a while at the Generation 1 display as Daddy re-lived his childhood by recounting some of his fondest Transformers memories when he was 8 years old.

We then walked down the display corridor, as we saw how the Transformers cartoon series evolved over the years. And with me looking very much like the seasoned Convention guide, no?

Needless to say, I snapped lots of photos of the toys.

Ayd was also doing his own thing.

Once we were done with the toys, we came face to face with my fave Transformer.

Okay, technically it wasn't face to face 'cos Mr. Prime was too darn tall for us to say hi. Of course there was a giant scaffolding erected directly opposite Optimus where one could pay $20  and climb up for a photo opportunity with him.

We didn't. Because we found an Optimus which we could see eye to eye with.

And it's free! Heh.

Both of us love the Transformers KRE-O, and there are booths set up for kids to try building their own Optimus or Bumblebee from scratch as well.

As for Ayd, he scooted off to have a dance-off with Bumblebee at the KRE-O Augmented Reality Interactive Zone.

Daddy previously mentioned that there will be Art Sessions for kids and adults alike, where artists will be on hand to teach us how to draw our fave Transformers. We obviously didn't want to miss that, and so di-di & I got our lessons in learning how to draw the Autobot & Decepticon emblems.

Ta-dah! Our finished drawings. Daddy thinks they looked warped though. :P

We loitered within the Convention area after that, taking our time to indulge in more photo-taking.

Here are some of my photos:

And here're Ayd's:

Suffice to say, we enjoyed ourselves lots. In fact, we wanted to return again!

And we just might! Say hi to us if you see us there okay?

In the meantime, view more photos that we took at the Convention on our Cheekiemonkies Facebook page here:

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Catch these and more at the Transformers Cybertron Con 2012 at the Resorts World Convention Centre from 11- 14 March 2012!

Venue: Compass Ballroom, Resorts World Convention Centre
Dates: 11 - 14 Mar 2012
Times: 11 Mar (11am - 9pm); 12 & 13 Mar (10am - 9pm); 14 Mar (10am - 6pm)
Charges: Day Pass - $12; 4-Day VIP Pass - $68
Purchase your tickets online HERE. Or buy your tickets at the ticketing booths located at Universal Studios Singapore, RWS Ticketing and Membership Hub and MEMA or via the reservation hotline at +65 6577 8888.

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