Apr 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Brandon!

It was the weekend of Birthdays, as we had 2 Birthday Parties to attend over the weekend. And first up, it was Brandon's Birthday Party at My Gym.

And here's the Birthday Boy - already dripping with perspiration by the time we got there.

What's a Birthday Party without party games, right?

So the gym instructors there made sure we had plenty of fun by making us run and run and run.

And doing funny poses too.

Of course, we all enjoyed it. But what di-di & I were obviously eyeing was the free play time, because that was when we got to play with all the gym equipment!

And I suspect mei-mei too, enjoyed her free play gym time. Heh.

After all the exertions, we still had the small matter of demolishing the PiƱata before the main event...

Which was to sing the Birthday song for Brandon!

Happy 6th Birthday, Brandon! Thanks for inviting us to your party!

Next up, an Angry Birds Birthday Party!

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