Apr 3, 2012

Post-Port Dickson: Malacca!

After all the sun, sand and sea that we monkies have had at Port Dickson, it was time to head back to Singapore (bummer!). But not before having our one-night mandatory stop at Malacca (yay!).

We previously stayed at Courtyard @ Heeren in Malacca, but Daddy & Mummy decided to try a new boutique hotel for a change. So we picked Hotel Puri to be our pit stop for the night.

Hotel Puri was the ancestral home of the descendants of Tan Kim Seng, a philanthropist who was born in Malacca. So architecturally, the boutique hotel was a gem.

But rooms-wise, I think it is safe to say Daddy & Mummy will be sticking with Courtyard @ Heeren for future stays. The rooms were decent and clean, but rather minimalist and uninspiring especially since we were housed in a building so rich in history.

Of course, overseas accommodation is often secondary because company on a holiday is what counts the most.

And we had our other best buddies - Timo & Beth - for company!

Needless to say, all 4 of us sure made our presence felt as we thronged the night stalls along Jonker Street.

You know the drill - the adults browse and shop, the kiddos laugh and talk. Luckily we had each other to pass the time. Oh, and the occasional bribery in the form of an ice-cream too.

Even mei-mei joined in the madness whenever the adults got too engrossed in their shopping. Heh.

And as if that there wasn't enough shopping done, we had even more shopping awaiting us the very next day!

That's right, the adults decided to stop by the Johor Premium Outlets on our way back to Singapore. And lucky mei-mei got to have her own ride during shopping time!

It wasn't free though; RM30 for a whole day of usage with a RM100 refundable deposit. Not too bad, since Daddy & Mummy could have their hands free while shopping.

Well, that was until we boys mounted a hostile takeover of the vehicle.

We are kidding of course. Mei-mei decided that she wanted to be cuddled to sleep instead, so what were we to do with an empty vehicle? 

Have loads of fun with it of course!

Luckily though, the adults didn't take too long with their shopping... actually, it was more browsing because Daddy & Mummy said the prices weren't that attractive. So good news for us 4 kiddos then - waiting time was cut short! 

With that, our 4 days 3 nights road trip to Port Dickson and Malacca had come to an end. We certainly enjoyed our time catching crabs on the beach, patting and feeding the animals. And of course, meeting up with our buddies too! We should make this sort of gatherings compulsory every quarter, no? :P

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