Apr 18, 2012

Same Question, Different Answers

(Daddy converses)

With the recent hoo-ha over near-abduction attempts, it only serves to drive home the point that one can never be too vigilant.

So one fine day, there I was having a conversation with Ayd.

Me: Ayd, you do know what to do when a stranger comes up to you and tells you that he/she is bringing you to look for Daddy or Mummy right?

Ayd: ...

Me: Yes, playing dumb is one way. But what should you say?

Ayd: Erm, NO?

Me: You got it.

Ayd: But Daddy, can I say something else?

Me: Huh? And what is that?

Ayd: Something different.

Me: Okay okay, pretend I'm a stranger. So I come up to you and say, 'Little boy, your Daddy asked me to bring you to meet him. Come, follow me.'

Ayd: I would say...


Well, at least the idea is there!

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