May 6, 2012

The Avengers fever

The Avengers have finally assembled! And guess who's the most excited of the lot in our family?

Nope, it most definitely isn't mei-mei. Neither is it di-di, nor is it me.

Any surprise it's Daddy???

But the Avengers fever didn't exactly stop with Daddy. The fever was so literally infectious that mei-mei caught it.

Yah, sick still can pose.

And the viral fever lasted for THREE whole days. Luckily she only bothered Daddy & Mummy... who had to entertain her the moment she decided to wake up... at 5am!

How all of them could be smiling at that unearthly hour, is anyone's guess.

Anyway, back to The Avengers and Daddy finally found time to bring us all on an all-boys outing to the cineplex.

Notice we were all dressed to the theme? Heh.

Predictably, mei-mei threw a fit when she saw us leave the house. And it only ended when Mummy brought her to the playground downstairs.

Di-di & I thoroughly enjoyed the movie! Although I think Daddy wants a second viewing (on his own) because he had to keep explaining certain bits of the show to us.

Oh well, at least everyone wins. :)

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