May 23, 2012

Running with Kids

(Daddy huffs & puffs)

The annual Cold Storage Kids Run came around yet again last Sunday and this year, our dear Ale finally got to participate together with her 2 older brothers. Well, technically it wasn't her running - rather she was to be ferried from start to finish in her stroller by the wifey.

Which explained the name I chose on her race bib.

As for the boys, they had total creative freedom on the names they would want to have on their bibs. Which also explained the names.

Ever since the inaugural Kids Run in 2008, Ash has been running in every single race. So yes, he is definitely a veteran, or lao-jiao in local speak. Ayd joined in the following year, and it's actually quite heartwarming to see how much they both have grown since then.

And so, Kids Run #5 had us down at the Padang bright and early once again. Parking at Raffles City was surprisingly a breeze, and the weather was well... not exactly a breeze. But then again, I can't complain about the perfect weather (though it was hot, hot, hot and very hot!).

This year saw Ash & Ayd running in 2 different races as they fell into different age bands. And since the wifey naturally assumed the role of stroller-pusher for Ale, I was tasked to run with both boys. Twice.

That is if I don't melt in the heat first.

Ash was first up, and obviously he was raring to go!

With so many eager kids wanting to start dashing, coupled with the fact that Ash was one with the mean competitive streak, I had to remind him something before the air horn sounded.

That he be patient with me, should I lag too far behind. Heh.

Luckily for me, I didn't embarrass him. Although I don't know how long that will last as I could tell his pace had quickened since our last run together at the Standard Chartered Kids' Dash last December.

Maybe next time, he would be the one offering a high-five to me instead when I manage to stumble past the Finish Line.

One down, two more to go. And divaALE was up next!

I didn't think she knew exactly what was going on, except for the fact that she was rather comfy in her stroller. Plus the fact she got to enjoy the sights as the wifey pushed her for the whole 800m of the race route.

Ayd was initially rather upset that he was the last among the trio to be running, but all that quickly dissipated when he and I were down at the Starting line. By then, my T-shirt was already thoroughly soaked and still, the sun was mercilessly unrelenting.

Ayd though, was still a hive of energy so I was initially worried (for myself) when I saw how fast he sprinted in the beginning.

But unlike his older brother, Ayd isn't that competitive when it comes to these kind of races. He is the one who would rather take his time to enjoy the journey, waving hello's to the spectators and charming the cheerleaders with his infectious smile.

On a side note, I actually think the cheerleaders are meant more for the parents who are struggling running.

So yes, I am just as proud when we finally crossed the Finish Line - for I had just ran 1.6km! Oh, and proud of Ayd too of course. :p

With all 3 monkies duly completing their races, the tangible returns came in the form of fruit-shaped medals. Something which all three are quite proud of obviously.

As an added bonus, a Strawberry shake was thrown in as well.

Come this time next year, Ale would be fully eligible to run in her own race too. So the wifey and I would have to draw lots to see who runs with who then.

Either that, or I could take all 3 and use that as proof of a 2.4km run for my IPPT.

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Theresa Magdalene said...


I saw your wife and your gal at the startline of the Pampers Strollers Race! I recognise them from reading your blog all this while! :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Theresa,

Oh wow! Yep, we met some lovely folks who came up to us to tell us they read our blog too. :)

Hope your kid/s enjoyed themselves at the Run too!

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