Jun 9, 2012

10 Cravings we want from our Parents

We're currently in holiday mode (yay!), which means that Daddy has the perfect excuse of not posting regularly on the blog for once (boo!).  But since vacation time is always geared towards our interests, we reckon Daddy (& Mummy) would have his hands full already just by herding us monkies.

And although overseas trips are often the craving of us kiddos - well, adults too actually - there are some other things that we too crave from our Daddy & Mummy everyday. And these are just some of the habits that Daddy & Mummy make a conscious effort to live by with di-di, mei-mei & me.

10 Cravings WE KIDS want from our Daddy & Mummy

1. SHOW me, not by just telling me that you love me.

2. SIT with me on the sofa - without a phone, newspapers, book or iPad. Just ME.

3. LISTEN to my repeated questions again & again & again. Then YOU answer me. Don't ask me to ask anyone else.

4. SAY NO! Discipline me. It shows me you care when you follow through.

5. Be my teacher, not my probation officer. And my parent, not my BFF. I need and want an INFLUENCE vs AUTHORITY.

6. LAUGH with me before you laugh at me.

7. Quantity time with you makes for QUALITY time with me.

8. Take me OUTSIDE and play wild with me.

9. At night, ASK me about me, then tell me about you - when you were me.

10. Hug, kiss, tickle, whisper, smile, wrestle, fight and affirm me. EVERYDAY.

Any more we should add? :)

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