Jun 20, 2012

Modelling & Climbing at Forest Adventure

(Daddy cheers from below)

Forest Adventure was looking for kid models to refresh its library of pictures, and Ash & Ayd were fortunate enough to be picked as models for the photoshoot they were put through the obstacle course high up in the trees.

For starters, Forest Adventure is nestled within the greens of Bedok Reservoir Park and consists of 2 types of Obstacle Courses - one for adults and the other for kids.

The Kids Course is suitable for kids who are between 1.10m and 1.45m in height, and is essentially an aerial obstacle course built through the trees comprising of ladders, bridges, swings, nets, and zip lines!

One look at it, and I was glad that my feet would be planted firmly on the ground. The monkies, though were raring to tackle the obstacle course. That was before they found themselves up there. Once they were high up among the trees, I could sense a tiny bit of apprehension creeping in.

Well, they needn't have worried though because the Kid’s Course has a continuous safety line to which they are connected to at the start of the activity by the instructor. This ensures that they would be able go through the course by all by themselves while the parents chew on their fingernails from below. That, and of course guiding & encouraging them too.

Ayd started off first, and he was definitely more nervous compared to the older brother. Ash has always been the more athletic one, while Ayd is the more arty-farty monkie. But to Ayd's credit, he took on the challenges nary a whimper.

It was already tough enough having to navigate oneself across the wooden planks, swinging logs and narrow rope bridges - imagine having to smile and pose for the camera at the same time. That was why I was relieved that only photos of the kids were needed.

The various obstacles were colour-coded, with black being the most challenging and green being the easiest to clear. Much like this wooden cylindrical tunnel. I think they must have cleared it while maintaining the widest possible smiles!

There were some obstacles that made Ayd stop in his tracks and hesitate. And there were times that I could see Ayd trying to fight back his fears and tears as he came face to face with these obstacles.

One such obstacle was this Hanging Logs Bridge.

Trust me, it definitely is much harder than it looks. Ayd was on the verge of a nervous breakdown when he was attempting to cross the bridge, simply because he was afraid that he would fall. 

Sometimes - and that applies to real life experiences as well - we all need to fall before we are able to combat our own inhibitions and learn from it. And so, Ayd did fall.

Ash wasn't spared either.

The good thing that came out of it, was that they finally realised what the safety harness was for and that they wouldn't go crashing to the ground below should they slip. With that peace of mind, both of them gamely picked themselves up and completed the rest of the course in high spirits.

And their reward for completing the course?

Flying down via the Flying Fox zip line!

It turned out that they enjoyed it so much that they asked the instructor for a chance to go on it a second time! And this time, I wasn't needed to be around to encourage them anymore. For that, I am utterly proud of them. :)

Thanks to Forest Adventure for having the cheekiemonkies over for the photoshoot! If you are intending to bring your kiddos down this June School Holidays, making a pre-booking via online is highly recommended. This way, you are assigned a time for the start of the obstacle course instead of having to wait if the slots are full for that hour. You can check the current day's slot availablity HERE.

Useful Information

825 Bedok Reservoir Road, Singapore 479244
(Bedok Reservoir Park)


Bus: 5,18,21,22,28,59,65,67,69,168.
Alight bus stop no 75349 (Clearwater condo) if you are coming from Tampines Ave 1 or bus stop no 75341 (opposite Clearwater condo) if you are coming from Bedok North Road.

If you are driving take the PIE Changi, Exit 6 Bedok North Ave 3. Turn left on Bedok North Ave 3 and turn right at the traffic light on Bedok Reservoir Road. Drive 70m and turn left into the carpark A.

Operating Hours:

Grand Course: Open every day from 10am to 6pm
Kids Course: Open on weekends, school and public holidays from 10am to 6pm.
Note: The Kids Course is closed on weekdays outside school holidays.

Forest Adventure is closed on Monday except public holidays – booking is essential.


Min. height 1.4m
Grand Course: Adult $42 | Junior (<18) $40 | Student $40 (weekday only)
Family package (2 adults & 2 juniors) – $150

Min. height 1.1m and Max. height 1.45m
Kids Course: $30 for 1hour | $10 for additional round

For more information, visit http://www.forestadventure.com.sg

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