Jun 26, 2012

Penang with Buddies - Part 3

Day 3 in Penang and this was the day specially reserved for us kiddos. All because the adults had promised us that we would be heading down to Adventure Zone! Yippee!

Adventure Zone is an Indoor Playground, housed within Golden Sands Resort premises. But it isn't any ordinary Indoor Playground. It is home to a 3-lane Wave Slide, as well as 3 heart-stopping Drop Sildes!

See the blue and red slides? Yup, those Drop Slides are definitely not for the faint-hearted. This would be di-di's & my third time at Adventure Zone, but it would be grossly wrong to think that we would be bored by it by now. In fact, I couldn't wait to get reacquainted with the red Drop Slide and ascend to the top!

And then, down I went! WHEE!

No sweat. Benji was initially afraid to attempt it but after seeing how much fun I had, he followed suit! Hee.

You can see our previous review of Adventure Zone, as well as videos of us having a go at the slides, HERE.

As for Sarah & di-di, they rode the waves in their gunny sacks...

Which kind of influenced the adults to have a go at it too!

In the end, I lost count of the number of times the adults went on the Wave Slide. Yes, it was that exhilarating.

The previous time that we were here, mei-mei just turned one year old and could barely join in the fun. Fast forward 7 months later, she can now exert her rights, demand to follow us everywhere and mimic whatever we do.

Well, obviously she's still too young to go onto the adrenaline-inducing slides. But luckily for her, there's a separate play area reserved for toddlers below 4 years old which is essentially a mini Indoor Play Gym that you would find in most Indoor Playgrounds here.

So it comes complete with climbing structures, slide and the perennial fave - a pit full of colourful plastic balls.

Colourful balls always attract kids - no matter the age. So it sort of made Daddy wonder aloud as to who were the ones actually having more fun in the ball pit.

Hur hur... erm, we were not there to have fun contrary to what the photos depict. Rather, we were there to keep a watchful eye over mei-mei.

Either that, or just to have a change of scenery after the multiple free-falls down the slides.

With our 2-hour play time fast approaching the end, we kids then headed back to the main part of the Playground to continue with our fun.

And FUN, as Daddy put it, should really mean Free-falling is UnNerving.

Why? Because this time, Daddy joined us and went down the blue Drop Slide as well! And he said it sure looked easy when he was at the bottom of the slide watching us having a go. But when he reached the top of the slide and peered down, it was entirely a different matter altogether! Taking that first leap of faith was the toughest but he couldn't risk losing face in front of us kids, could he?

And by the end of our play session, you could tell how much fun we have had by the sheer amount of perspiration that had gathered on our heads.

Daddy called us the 3 mophead amigos.

Okay, make that 6 stinky mopheads.

A hearty lunch duly followed, coupled with a refreshing wash-up back in our rooms. We then had a short recharge before heading out once more in the late afternoon - this time to Gurney Drive.

Yup, we had to do the mandatory touristy thing... which was to pay the Gurney Drive hawker stalls a visit.

Yummy food. Again! Or at least that was what I think the adults' mission to Penang was - to eat and eat and eat!

Is it any surprise that the adults over-ordered once again?

But I guess that's the fun in eating with a large group of friends. :)

We then headed to Plaza Gurney next door for some air-con respite and shopping, before we headed back to our hotel to retire for the night. The following day would be our final full day in Penang, and we were missing it already!

Useful Information about Adventure Zone

Dress Code: Socks must be worn when on the play equipment, and long sleeve tops must be worn when using any of the Drop Slides.

Opening Hours: 10am to 7pm

For resort guests
Children : RM40 for half day package or RM20 per 2 hour session
Adults enter free of charge with paying children

For non-resort guests 
Children : MYR30 per 2 hour session
Adults enter free of charge with paying children

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