Jun 2, 2012

Soar the skies with the Angry Birds Cable Car Ride

(Daddy squawks)

The global phenomenon, Angry Birds, has crash landed atop Mount Faber and it is all FUN!

Beginning 1 June, 30 Cable Cars at the Singapore Cable Car have been transformed into Angry Birds-themed cabins making Singapore to be the first in the world to have an Angry Birds Cable Car Ride!

I was invited for the media launch, and it would be criminal if I didn't allow my household's 2 biggest Angry Birds fans to tag along.

Naturally, the 2 boys were overly excited when they saw the iconic Red Bird, Yellow Bird and Green Pig while we were waiting to catch one of the Cable Cars from HarbourFront to Mount Faber.

Notice their facial expressions matched the respective Angry Birds' Cable Car.

Those 3 Cable Cars are not meant to ferry passengers though, since they are fully wrapped. The actual Cable Cars that we hitched a ride in greeted us with sounds of Angry Birds chirping and pigs snorting, complete with an Angry Birds plush toy placed in the cabin.

I loved that the seats even adhered to the theme, which quite frankly, would make any Angry Birds fan go squawking-ly egg-cited.

Like these 2 fine specimens.

Actually, they were more excited about what was going to happen over at Mount Faber - all because my big fat mouth let slipped that there were loads of hands-on activities waiting for them over at the other side.

Finally, after enduring minutes of incessant are-we-there-yet questioning, the 2 boys got what they were so desperately seeking.

I was greatly impressed with the huge number of activities that the kids can partake in, from colouring to handicraft making to even nail art.

From June to December, Angry Birds Adventure Atop Mount Faber offers a different engaging experience for the entire family every month, including creative learning workshops for children aged 4 and above. 

And just for this June school holidays, kids can choose from a range of activities like colouring competitions, egg painting activities, Angry Birds mask-making and balloon sculpting.

For a start, the monkies chose to get their hands dirty by painting their very own red Angry Bird egg.

Did I mention that one can also aid the Angry Birds in annihilating the evil Green Piggies at the 'Knock The Pigs' station?

Strangely addictive, in the same sort of way where one strives to collect all 3 stars in an Angry Birds game stage.

Kids can even slap on some Angry Birds art on their nails... which I was tempted to do so as well. But I figured I couldn't carry off the cutesy look.

There were other important things for me to do anyway as I dumped the 2 boys with the wonderful Mount Faber staff at the Activities stations. Erm, like gorging on loads of Angry Birds cupcakes.

Oh, and also the small matter of the Official Launch of the Angry Birds Adventure Atop Mount Faber of course.

And just for this weekend of 2 & 3 June, join in all the fun at the Angry Birds Launch Carnival where on top of the all the usual activities for kids, there are fantastic prizes to be won and meet & greet opportunities with  life-sized Angry Birds characters.

Amid all the festivity, we got a chance to meet Henri Holm, who is the Senior Vice President of Rovio Entertainment.

When I told Ash and Ayd that he was part of the team that created Angry Birds, they were in absolute awe and wanted a photo with him. Ayd even quipped that he wants to design his own iPhone game when he grows up!

 Alrighty, ONE BILLION downloads, here we come then! :D

But for now, the boys were just focused on continuing their Angry Birds fun through all the game booths littered atop Mount Faber.

And without a doubt, the ultimate favourite of the lot has got to be this one.

A life-sized Angry Birds game! How cool is that?

And when the boys finally conceded defeat to hunger, there was no escaping the clutches of Angry Birds even then.

Their fave part of the meal has got to be the Angry Birds collectible cup though, which comes free with all Cable Car rides by the way.

Thanks to the kind folks at Mount Faber Leisure Group and ICON International Communications for having us. The boys definitely had a blast!

Oh, if you do pass by the HarbourFront area, do look upwards and try to spot the 3 fully-wrapped Angry Birds cabins. They are positioned in an order such that the Green Pig is constantly chased by the Red and Yellow Birds.

Haha... cute tidbit of information huh?

Here are the more important bits of information:

WHEN? June to December 2012
WHERE? Singapore Cable Car (8.45am to 10pm daily), Mount Faber & Imbiah Lookout, Sentosa

Angry Birds Themed Cable Car Rides

• S$29 (Adult) & S$18 (Kids) for round trip. No price differential for single trip.
• All cable car rides will come with a mocktail drink in an Angry Bird collectible cup.
• Family packages (2 adults + 1 kid) will be priced at S$55 (only for Singaporeans); Additional Adult and kid at $18 and $15 respectively; Senior Citizens (aged 60 & above) at $12/pax.

Launch Carnival ticket charges

• Carnival vouchers are available for purchase at $5 (for participation in any 4 out of the 11 activities). 

Limited Edition Angry Birds Jewel Membership Card

• Register for a limited edition Angry Birds Jewel Card to enjoy one year of unlimited cable car rides, priority boarding, and exclusive privileges for dining and shopping at The Jewel Box and on Sentosa.
• Guests will receive complimentary Angry Birds merchandise for signing up.
• Cost: $49 for individual; $139 for Family of 4. 

Singapore Cable Car tickets and Launch Carnival vouchers are available for purchase at the ticketing counters at HarbourFront Tower 2, The Jewel Box at Mount Faber and Imbiah Lookout on Sentosa.

Or LIKE Singapore Cable Car's Facebook page to receive the latest Angry Birds updates here: http://www.facebook.com/SingaporeCableCar

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Elizabeth said...

Wow, lucky you! Looks like fun. Not sure if the activities would be suitable for a three year old?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for dropping by our blog! :)

There are simpler handicraft activities for younger kids, like colouring and pasting of coloured paper onto a pen holder. Hope it helps!

Apple Accessories said...

Love pics!
Looking forward to checking it out more!

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