Jun 23, 2012

An Unexpected Father's Day Gift

(Daddy blogs)

I'm surprised. Gobsmacked, even.

Last Tuesday, I received a belated Father's Day present from Ash. And it came in the form of this.

Yes, an ANGPOW (or red packet).

He reasoned because we were in Penang last weekend and that we were only back in Singapore on Father's Day, he couldn't find the time to make me a Father's Day card.

But he didn't want me to forgo my Father's Day gift. So after turning his brain inside out, he decided to pry open his piggy bank, grab a bunch of coins and put them into a red packet. Yup, he knows where to find my empty red packets.

He then wrote the wordings on the angpow, sealed it up with lots of scotch tape - maximum-security style no less - and presented it to me that night when I returned from work.

I was stumped. I never saw it coming.

I once asked him to spare a dollar from his prized piggy bank to treat the wifey & I to ice cream and he looked at me as if I were insane. That was how ferociously he would guard his fortune. And he would save every penny that his grandparents gave him. Every time.

So I am utterly pleased to have received this very nice gesture from Ash. He told me he just chucked a handful of coins into the red packet so he didn't even know the value of the contents.

Well, neither do I.

Because I have no intention of opening it. This will always be one of the precious little things that will stay with me until the day I die.

Thanks, son.

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