Jul 24, 2012

Amsterdam in summary

It's our final day in Amsterdam, and I think it's safe to say that the entire family will miss it terribly once we are back home in Singapore. It has been a jam-packed 1 week in the Netherlands, and I don't envy Daddy's job of sifting through the gigabytes of photos and videos! 

So for now, here's just a whirlwind post of what we have been up to the past week.

We started off our trip with a visit to the Friso farm over 2 half-days, and did we have loads of fun mingling with the cows there!

Once we were done with our official assignment, the real tourist adventure kicked in. Netherlands has tons of museums, of which we visited a few.

It would be criminal if we didn't make time for the beautiful towns just outside of Amsterdam.

Nothing could have prevented Mummy from visiting the flea markets in Amsterdam as well.

We also got a tad adventurous and made a 1.5 hour journey to a Theme Park outside of Amsterdam!

Needless to say, we 3 monkies thoroughly enjoyed it. We even laid siege to a medieval castle too!

And so, our Amsterdam getaway will finally be coming to an end. Thanks, once again to Friso Singapore for the experience of a lifetime! And look out for Daddy's detailed posts once we are back. After he gets over his jet lag that is. Heh.

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Katrijn said...

Love the Nemo, hope your kids liked it too! So strange to all of a sudden see all these familiar sights on a Singaporean blog that has helped me tremendously finding my way around the little red dot :)

I used to walk down to the Nemo during my lunch break on sunny days. Never been to the Van Gogh Museum though, is it good? I really look forward to your posts on Amsterdam, as it is always very insightful to read the impressions of a visitor to my home country! (Speaking of which: this might be a good site for a little research ;) stuffdutchpeoplelike.com)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Katrijn,

Oh, so you are living in S'pore now? Great that our blog can be of some help to you. :)

We were initially afraid that the boys would get too bored in the Van Gogh Museum, but it turned out that they enjoyed it! Thanks to the piece of treasure activity worksheet that the museum gave out to kids.

I'm having a torrid time sorting out all the photos of our stay in Amsterdam though. Haha... hopefully I'll be able to post up our holiday adventures soon! Til then, thanks for dropping by!

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