Jul 4, 2012

Flip for Joy!

(Daddy reviews)

My 2 boys have never been readers with a ferocious appetite. Well, maybe Ayd does love his books a little bit more but I know they will choose their toys over books any time. 

But for now, they do seem to be picking up books more often... titles like Captain Underpants and The Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy. I kid you not - I didn't even know books like these exist! But I can't complain. At least they ARE reading.

But when it comes to Mandarin books, let's just say it's torturous. It's a torture for them to sit through an entire Mandarin book, not to mention it's a severe test of my patience during the entire sitting as well.

Perhaps the wifey & I aren't that proficient in picking out suitable Mandarin books for the boys, so it was extremely timely when Flip for Joy 乐翻天 kindly offered to ship us an entire box of Mandarin books for the monkies to try out.

Flip for Joy is an online bookstore based in Singapore, specializing in Chinese children's books. And unlike other e-bookstores, Flip for Joy has categorized its books into 3 main categories - Flip for FUN, KNOWLEDGE and LOVE.

Flip for FUN books are highly interactive and a whole lot of fun!
Flip for KNOWLEDGE books are insightful and have rich elements of story-telling.
Flip for LOVE books help children love the important values in life.

But if you really can't make up your mind, fret not. Flip for Joy has put together Flip Flip Hooray Starter Packs for ages 0-3, 3-5 and 5-7. Each pack will have at least 1 book from each of the 3 categories to keep the kids truly well-occupied.

The one series which I especially found interesting was this.

They're a series of books translated from a Belgium original. And by flipping the pages, one would see one animal transform magically into another - from a cat to a duck...

And eventually, it became a Hornbill.

Needless to say, this encouraged loads of flipping from Ale.

The other helpful thing about Flip for Joy is that the books come in either purely Mandarin or Bilingual options. So no excuses for parents not being able to read together with their kids then!

Flip for Joy was started by an ex-JC Chinese language teacher, who became a stay-at-home mum after child birth. As a result, she had spent a lot of time and effort to source for books that are fun, exciting and engaging - books that would appeal to her child as well.

And how did my monkies' take to them? They were flipping through the books rather earnestly... sometimes too earnestly in fact. Heh.

As an exclusive treat for our blog's readers, Flip for Joy 乐翻天 is offering a 10% discount storewide for the first 20 readers! Just head on down to http://www.flipforjoy.com.sg/ and key in "flipforjoycheekiemonkie" during checkout.

As an added bonus, ALL orders enjoy free local standard mail and for orders $50 & above, free delivery by a courier to your doorstep will be provided!

Have fun flipping!

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