Jul 11, 2012

My monkie. My brother.

(Daddy blogs)

Ash & Ayd - 19 months apart. 

Back in the days when they were still toddlers, it was tough juggling between the both of them as they demanded equal attention. Now, they are fairly independent, grown closer and are great playmates to one another. 

But of course, just like spouses, there will be the inevitable occasional squabbles which rile up the both of them.

One such incident took place a few nights ago.  I had given them empty card-boxes to doodle and create their own box-cars. After about 30 minutes of pure bliss, this happened.

You would have to watch the 37-second clip to see their negotiation process. But essentially, this is what I gathered afterwards. 

Both were playing with their box-car after they had finished doodling. Ash got into his box-car and Ayd attempted to squish him inside by closing the lids of the box. So when it was Ayd's turn to get into his box-car, Ash returned the favour and trapped Ayd in the box as well. Ayd went hysterical and wildly kicked around, tearing Ash's box-car in the process.

Naturally both were incensed and marched towards the room I was in, with the intention to lodge a complaint. They stopped short outside my room however, presumably because they realised that both of them had done something wrong and would not be able to escape my wrath either way.

And so began their stand-off.

On a sidenote, I loved how Ale squeezed in to say 'Cheese' because she thought I was taking a photo of her. LOL.

The apportioning of blame dictated a large chunk of their dialogue. But in the end,  I loved the manner (and gesture) in which Ayd decided to walk away and cool things down.

Well, things did turn out fine in the end. The 2 brothers came to the conclusion that both were in the wrong, and Ayd helped Ash to mend his damaged box-car with sticky tape.

All these, without the need for the wifey or I to step in!

And when everything has returned to normal, I asked the boys innocently what had happened. They narrated their sides of the story, but both unanimously concluded that they had already resolved it.

I was extremely heartened by this episode. Sure, there are times when the 2 brothers can't stand the sight of each other. But more often than not, they do look out and care for one another. Because as clich├ęd as it is, blood is thicker than water.

And I can't find a more apt way to put this across than this photo.

I took this photo about 2.5 years ago, and it has remained as one of my favourite photos of the boys to date. Here's hoping that they will continue to remain as close for a lifetime.

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ClearTear said...

nice! thats how my sis and I behave. end of the day regardless how we fight, we will still love eachother, and im sure your boys will too.

Amanda Val Ng said...

:) may I also point out that they are very capable in speaking their thoughts. Well done.
Even without audio, I do agree that it is very matured of Ayd to bear his emotions and walked away. You can see his about to erupt reaction > hands on waist > suck it in > huge heave of sigh > and then walk away.
I think that must have been very good examples he has learnt from. He would have def reacted differently if all he had learnt (be it from tv or other sources) was to fight it out. :) Good job at parenting Kevin :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Thanks Ivy!

Hi Amanda,

You give me too much credit! You should hear what they call me when I'm angry - a monster. Haha... Seriously, I think my wife deserves more credit. She's the teacher, I'm just a blogger. :)

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