Aug 24, 2012

Ahoy, Mateys!

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Here's an interesting fact - do you know that September 19 is International Talk Like A Pirate Day?

Hmmm... although we monkies can't really see the point of having such a day, there's no denying that it would be rather fun (and silly) going 'Arrrr!' and 'Ahoy!' with our friends! Hee hee...

So in order to prepare us for that all-important date, the kind folks at sent us a surprise.

It's called a, well, LolliBox which is a self-contained art & craft box with a theme. It has all the materials and contents included in the box which adhere to a theme, and it was all things Pirate as we began to unbox ours!

Besides learning the actual lingo that a pirate actually spouts, pirates gesture with their hands frequently. We reckon that's because pirates do most of their talking on the deck of a ship - out on the ocean, where wind, waves, and bird calls make it tough to hear. So yes, we got to learn that too.

I guess we have already got the hang of gesturing huh?

And blistering barnacles, the box really do pack a punch! There are loads of activities inside our treasure box - 4, if you really want to count - and we were itching to get started.

Each Lollibox has 4 major components; Create, Discover, Enrich and Award.

The Create bit is a hands-on project which had us making our very own pirate hat and eye patch with all materials provided for.

And when we were done with our pirate gear, the Discover part had us colouring and decorating our own treasure chest! Arrr! We like!

There were tiny gems that we could stick onto our treasure chest, as well as markers for us to express our creativity. And when we were done, we got Daddy to hide the chest in the house and draw a treasure map for us to locate it! 

No matter if we can't find it, we can always make him walk the plank to scare him into telling us we figured. Hee.

But we still couldn't get enough of being a pirate... luckily the Enrich part had us making our own pirate hook with just a disposable cup and aluminium foil! And with the completion of all the activities, we were Awarded the 'Little Pirate' badge for all our hard work!

As you can see, di-di & me are all prepared when September 19 rolls along. Now all we need is to have a parrot perched on our shoulders.

Well if pirate isn't exactly your kind of thing, no worries matey... there are other themes available at Check them out HERE! Or suss out their Facebook page!

And what did the adults think of it? Mummy loved the concept and the fact that all the materials that were needed for the theme had been included in the box. Daddy lamented that there wasn't an adult version of a Lollibox for him. 

For us? We just want to thank LolliBox for the utterly fun handicrafts! :)

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