Aug 1, 2012

Guest Blogger for

(Daddy blogs) is a parenthood website managed by I Love Children, a Voluntary Welfare Organisation which seeks to celebrate children and the joy they bring. Through the website, they hope to inculcate the value and importance of parenthood and family among Singaporeans, as well as encourage a children–friendly environment in Singapore.

So it is with great honour that I was approached to blog on a regular basis for their maybebaby blog. Through my posts, I hope to share the ups and downs of parenting with more people and in the process, maybe... just maybe, we would be able to encourage couples to consider having their children earlier and to have more children as a collective effort.

And my first post is already up today! It's titled 'When is one ready to have kids?' and you can read the full article here:

If you have any comments or suggestions with regard to topics that I should write about, feel free to let me know too. Thanks!

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