Aug 9, 2012

What's in a Kiwifruit?

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Di-di, Mei-mei & I have all along been great fans of the Kiwifruit, especially the gold ones. We eat it almost everyday after our meals, so it was a good thing that Zespri - the world's leader in premium quality kiwifruit - plied us with 2 weeks worth of kiwifruits!

Fruits weren't the only stuff we got... there was this particular item which all of us loved too.

Kiwifruit thumbdrives! In fact, they looked so real that mei-mei attempted to bite into one! Hahaha...

Well, she did eventually get her way.

Which is a good thing because in Singapore, less than one third of people consume the recommended two servings of fruit per day - according to the latest findings from the Zespri Healthy Diet Check Up survey. And while 82% of people in Singapore are aware of the health benefits of eating fruit, 55% admit they are not eating enough.

So enter the Kiwifruit.

The kiwifruit is one of the most nutrient-dense fruits available - it has 5 times the nutrition of apples, twice the Vitamin C of oranges and more essential nutrients than 27 other popular fruits. Eating just one kiwifruit a day can easily help you meet your daily Vitamin C needs. 

In fact, new research has found that regularly eating gold kiwifruit may help reduce the symptoms of cold and flu - particularly beneficial in reducing the duration of a sore throat and the severity of head congestion! In addition to the benefits for cold and flu, regularly eating Kiwifruit can also help with digestion, skin care, heart health, weight loss and boost the immune system.

The kiwifruit is also a great source of fibre, which is essential in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Fibre also helps to lower blood cholesterol levels and can improve overall weight control. Actinidin, a unique digestive enzyme found particularly in Green Kiwifruit, also aids in promoting protein digestion.

And here's a nugget of information that Daddy didn't know until now - did you know that Kiwifruit skin is rich in flavonoids, insoluble fiber and folic acid? So it's perfectly fine to eat it... although it may be a bit ticklish for the throat!

And now, Zespri would like to reward our readers - that's you! - and we would be conducting a giveaway really soon. Stay tuned for a chance to win some Zespri goodies!

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Anonymous said...

My fav "Gold" Kiwi!! Yummylicious....

Looking forward to the next update!

Cheers... Melody

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