Sep 20, 2012

Sharing and Inspiring through I Quit Club

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(Daddy shares)

Remember I shared the Quit story of my Dad a few weeks back?

Likewise, there have been tons of life stories shared by people who have quit smoking or are in the process of quitting at the I Quit Club Facebook page.

I Quit Club is a social support network where quitters, ex-smokers and other like-minded individuals can come together to motivate, encourage and support each other on their journey to quit smoking. And because quitting smoking is a lot easier when you have support from your friends and loved ones, pledging to say “I Quit” is the first step in the journey to a better, smoke-free life.

See the 2-fingers gesture that both monkies are showing? That’s the I Quit signature twist.

If you want to pledge to I Quit and join in the countless of other brave Singaporeans who have come forward to say "I Quit”, simply take a photo of yourself doing the signature twist and share it on the I Quit Club Facebook page.

Quit and be proud of it! Come share your stories and reasons for keeping cigarettes out of your life for good. Take the “I Quit” pledge and you may just inspire others who may be on the same journey as you.

 Visit I Quit Club Facebook page here :

You can also click here to see more pledgers’ photos! Start sharing and inspiring others today! 

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