Oct 14, 2012

A Life Connected with HP

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Last week, I was invited by HP to preview their new line of Windows 8 devices. And Irene Ang was on hand to give us a sneak demonstration as to what these new devices are capable of.

Can I add that she did a mighty fine job of that, and also causing us to be in stitches with her stand-up comedy routine.

Business users can look forward to the HP ElitePad 900 (to be available in Jan 2013) - HP’s premium thin and light Windows 8 tablet with a unique, productivity-enhancing ecosystem of elegantly designed Smart Jackets and other accessories.

Home users have three new consumer all-in-one (AiO) PCs, including two additions to the HP ENVY line that feature the latest touch technology innovation to look forward to. The new HP ENVY 23 and ENVY 20 TouchSmart AiO PCs continue HP’s leadership in touch technology offering 10-point multi-touch technology and beautifully simple designs while the new HP Pavilion 20 is a powerful non-touch AiO PC built for value conscious consumers.

But the one product which got me excited was the HP ENVY X2 (pictured below).

The HP ENVY X2 (to be available in late 2012) is a powerful and ultra thin hybrid notebook PC, with a
detachable screen that becomes a full tablet when separated from the keyboard. I spent some time playing with the machine, and was utterly surprised at the ease of latching the tablet portion back into the docking mechanism. Best of all, it didn't feel cumbersome and heavy at all.

I can already imagine how my 2 boys will totally dig this. Now if only I can get my hands on one for a review when it is officially released. Heh. 

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