Oct 16, 2012

Big Grips for tiny (& clumsy) hands

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With the proliferation of touchscreen technological devices such as the iPad, Nexus 7 and Galaxy Tab, it is always a challenge to keep these products away from our kids' reach. Especially since they make such good digital babysitters. In fact, I had recently blogged about the negative impact such devices have on our daily relationships and parenting time with our kids.

But that does not mean I keep them away from my monkies. As with all things, moderation is the key. And on top of that, it is the duty of parents to be able to suss out appropriate and educational apps that their kids can spend their time on. Much like the top 5 iPhone/iPad apps that Ale favours, which I had also blogged about.

So since the monkies are going to take up a sizeable amount of time in front of my iPad, I reckon it deserves some form of added protection at the very least.

Say hello to the Big Grips Frame.

It is an iPad case, and made for kids. It is the exact opposite of all the rest of the iPad covers on the market - big, squishy and thick.

Which is a good thing too since the frame provides an all-rounded protection and cushions the impact of - horror of horrors! - slips and drops. The squishy foam makes the frame easy to grab and comfortable to hold, even with the smallest hands. 

Fitting the iPad into the frame was a piece of cake. The lightweight frame snugly hugged the iPad and in turn, it got hugged enthusiastically by Ale.

The Big Grips frame also comes with a compatible stand, which the iPad can safely reside into.

I must say the stand made it quite impossible for a toddler to topple the iPad, unless it is done on purpose of course. What's more, there are more than one ways to prop the iPad up at the viewing angle you so desire.

The only bugbear I have with the frame is that it was a bit trying to plug in the charger and adjust the volume. But I guess that sort of convenience has to make way for being secure.

And beside being really secure, the Big Grips frame is also non-toxic, lead and latex-free, Phthalate and PVC free, as well as being resistant to oils, chemicals, stains, moulds and germs.

So it's all good - if only it doubles up as a helmet as well.

The Big Grips frame retails for S$69.90, while the stand is S$29.90. As a bundled set, the price is S$89.90. Click www.biggrips.com.sg/index.php to find out more.

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