Oct 7, 2012

U Picnic, Our Picnic

I can't exactly remember the last time when Daddy & Mummy brought us for a picnic - it was that long ago - so when they made the suggestion to do so, we monkies jumped at the chance without any hesitation!

It turned out that we had U Family, an NTUC imitative, to thank for our picnic outing.

U Picnic was an evening under-the-stars event, which was held at Marina Barrage for all ages. Well, apparently a lot of families loved the idea too because it was sold out!

Thankfully, the entire place wasn't too overcrowded as there were more than ample spaces for everyone to lay out their own picnic mats. But we were even more thankful for the fact that the weather turned out to be rather superb, especially since dark clouds loomed precariously a few hours before the event.

So yes, di-di & me thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Even more so, since we had great company!

And we bumped into familiar faces too! Hi Sengkangbabies!

There were loads of entertainment provided as well, with booths like balloon sculpting, face painting, windmill-making, bouncy castles, and kite coloring set up to keep us kids entertained. Daddy brought di-di & me to try our hand at kite-flying. But erm, we weren't too successful - I blame the wind though. Heh.

In case you were wondering, mei-mei was busy gorging the fried rice and ham-n-cheese sandwiches we packed for the picnic. But she did take part in the Mass Freeze Frame Activity, where those present at the picnic attempted to set a record for the Most People in a Mass Freeze Frame Activity, for the Singapore Book of Records.

We were supposed to stay frozen - hence the intense looks - for one minute and at the end of it, all of us are record holders! And we even had the certificate to prove it.

As night fell, we kids zoomed to the front of the stage for a dose of story-telling while the adults enjoyed the beautiful scenery that overlooked the Marina Bay area.

It was an enjoyable end to our picnic outing, and special thanks to U Family for inviting us! 

And if you are looking for more family-centric fun events to attend, you may want to check out U Family's next upcoming event - the Family Night Out Mega Dance. Click HERE for more details!

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