Nov 5, 2012

Ayd graduates

(Daddy gushes)

Ash had his around the same time last year, and now it is Ayd's turn.

It was 2009 when Ayd first got a taste of pre-school life. Compared to his elder brother who took close to one month before he could finally stay cry-free in class, Ayd was a breeze.

But he would eventually turn out to be the more emotive one. In class, he can switch from being extremely happy to being exceptionally frustrated next - all because he didn't have time to complete his work among other reasons. I guess that is part and parcel of his expressive nature. He offers smiles and hugs to everyone, strangers included and when he laughs or smiles, everyone around will be inclined to revel in his joy as well. So when he is at the other end of the emotional spectrum, he too feels that the severity of his sadness.

But we are helping him to cope with his emotions better, and the wifey and I are also deeply grateful to his K2 teachers who have been relentless in their efforts. And slowly but surely, he is improving.

For now though, my baby has grown up and is ready to move onto the next phase of his life after 4 years of pre-school.

Once the formalities of the graduation were taken care, it was time for all the kids to put on a superb show for all parents present.

This was the dance item which had Ayd sworn to the fullest secrecy. No matter how we tried to pry, he refused to divulge a single nugget of information about his dance item. Not even the song title or costumes. Zilch.

I could see he was taking it very seriously. So serious that he was afraid that his classmates would dance the wrong steps, mess up the dance item and in the process "spoil the video recording of the concert". Yes, those were his exact words. Fainted I tell you.

Luckily, all went well.

In fact, there was even a hint of Gangnam Style!

Ash, for one, was especially excited for Ayd's performance and I could tell that Ayd was super happy that his older brother was there to support him too.

Thanks to all of Ayd's teachers for the hard work put into the concert, and for the patience and care shown throughout these 4 years.

Next year would be a whole new experience for Ayd as he tackles primary school life, and it will be hello to more tests and exams!

But for now, let us all just enjoy the school holidays! :D

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