Nov 20, 2012

Doing our bit for The Disney Project

Media Invite

Di-di & I got a chance to head down to the Affordable Art Fair held at the F1 Pit Building over the weekend. The adults were there for the art works as it is an annual art fair with works costing between $100 and $10,000. But we the kids were there for a different reason.

The Children's Art Studio, a place where kids get to unleash their creativity during the art workshops conducted. And it was conducted by none other than Qushairi Razali (or better known as Qi), the host of the Art Attack series on Disney Channel!

Being an associate partner of the Fair, Disney Channel had initiated a project called 'Colour Our World' to complement the art workshops at the Children's Art Studio. Which was a marvellous thing too, for then the adults would have ample time to enjoy the art fair while all the kids are preoccupied.

So what di-di & I had to do for the Disney Project was to design a styrofoam globe using the colours markers that were provided. The sky's the limit, and we could design whatever we chose.

I designed a huge eyeball out of the styrofoam ball, while di-di created a Day & Night scene out of his. Daddy's fingers itched as he saw us doodling away, so he grabbed a globe for himself as well.

I don't think there is any need to spell out what he designed, no?

And what happens to all the globes after the Fair? Disney Channel will assemble ALL the globes into a 3-D installation (in the shape of a Mickey motif) which will then be donated to a local organization. This will not only serve to engage the community but to also give the children a sense of ownership.

Sounds all good to us! Hopefully, we are able to chip in once again when the Affordable Art Fair returns for a fourth time next year. Thanks to the organisers, for having us!

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cre8tone said...

Art attack host? This is so cool!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Yes he is. My 2 boys love watching Art Attack!

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