Nov 29, 2012

Memories on Prints

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The benefits of Canvas Printing are endless and the digital photography revolution means it has never been simpler to create a large format canvas from a digital photo. Not only is using Canvas Printing the best way to make the most of our best photographs, it is also an attractive technique that has helped to retain our photographs for a longer time.

I had previously blogged about the canvas prints from Anzo Creation where they had sponsored some prints. And the kind people there had offered to print one more - this time for my parents' home.

Needless to say, my parents loved it. :)

And if you are thinking of commissioning your own canvas prints, there is a canvas print to suit every budget.

The most affordable canvas is the PVC Canvas, with prices starting from S$30 for a 12" by 12" frame. Made in China, this canvas has a rough texture hence the uneven print finishing. 

The SOLIT Canvas is made in Korea, and has a smooth, sharp and fine print finishing which is quite similar to that of photo paper finishing. Only drawback is that the material is rather thin. Prices start from S$45 for a 12" by 12" frame.

Made in Taiwan, the DIGITAL Canvas is a top-grade polyester-based canvas. It takes in ink well,giving it a very even print finishing. Prices start from S$55 for a 12" by 12" frame.

The Artist-UV Canvas is cotton-based and offers the best finishing of the lot. Made in Japan, the canvas print projects the effect of an oil painting. Our sponsored prints are of this material. Prices start from S$60 for a 12" by 12" frame.

Click HERE for more details on Anzo Creation's pricing.

With Christmas round the corner, canvas prints can make for very good presents too! Attractive and durable, canvas printing is an ideal way to preserve those special memories. And right now, here's a special promotion exclusively for our blog's readers:

Quote 'CHEEKIEMONKIES' to get 10% off the published prices!

For more information, please email or check our their Facebook page HERE.

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