Dec 5, 2012

Chengzhu Mandarin Centre - It's a Wrap!

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Time truly flies. It seemed not too long ago that Chengzhu Mandarin Centre had invited both Ash & Ayd to attend one term of lessons. And now, that term has come to a close.

During the past 10 weeks, I have to say both of them did enjoy their lessons a lot. Well, at least they didn't find it to be a chore to attend the lessons and that, already speaks volumes of Chengzhu's teaching methods of learning through fun.

You can read in detail about Ash's experience HERE, as well as Ayd's experience HERE.

For the final lesson of the term, parents were invited to sit-in together with the class so that all of us could gain a better understanding of what the kids had learnt during the past weeks. And personally, I thought that the class was very well-conducted, coupled with the fact that the 2 teachers were able to stimulate and encourage the use of Mandarin through fun drama and role-playing exercises.

Mid-way through the lesson, the parents were also roped in to join in the activities too!

I have previously talked about this - one of the other things I love about Chengzhu is low Teacher-Student ratio which made it easier for the students to get the attention they require.

The other being prior to class dismissal, the teachers would emerge from the classroom to give the waiting parents a debrief on what transpired during class including the list of Chinese words that were taught in class. This really helped a lot!

For a family who does not usually converse in Madarin at home - yes, the wifey and me are guilty as charged - I have to say both Ash & Ayd display more confidence in speaking their Mother Tongue now. And the fact that they thoroughly enjoyed the lessons was a tremendous bonus.

Thanks Chengzhu Mandarin Centre, for having us. Ash & Ayd have promised that they will continue to brush up their Mandarin skills. Or at least I made them promise. Heh.

For more details on Chengzhu's programmes, please click

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