Dec 25, 2012

Christmas Party Rock Anthem

Today is the day! Christmas has finally arrived, and it's time to rip those wrappers off our presents.

Well, the only thing is... we already did that to the bulk of our presents one weekend ago when we had an early Christmas party with our best buddies.

Di-di, mei-mei & I headed down to Benji's and Sarah's home for a Christmas potluck, where the adults had the convenient excuse of overeating once more.

We, the children, are tiny eaters on the other hand. Who has time for eating when we got so many toys and buddies to play together with... right?

Erm, obviously Sarah & di-di were really into the festive spirit! But that was a good thing, because it must have been so infectious that the adults finally fulfilled our long-standing wish.

Presents time!!!

This was the year that mei-mei starting to realize the meaning (and importance) of presents, which probably explained why she had fiercely guarded her precious loot.

Even the adults were not spared either - in terms of presents, that is. :)

And so, everybody lived happily ever after.

But wait, there was just one extra bonus.

It was Aunty Sharon's birthday as well, so we all had a surprise celebration for her!

Di-di gave Aunty Sharon a birthday kiss, and received something special back in return too.

From all of us at cheekiemonkies,

Have a blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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