Dec 10, 2012

Giving Thanks

(Daddy ponders)

As a countdown to Christmas Day, Adora of The Gingerbread Mum wanted to feature a Mummy or Daddy blogger each day, where they would be invited to share their thoughts on the things they are thankful for in 2012. I am happy to be invited and here is my contribution.


As cliche as it sounds, we can only truly appreciate the things we have when we have learnt to count our blessings. Sure there are a few pounds added on and the hair on my head seems to be falling at a faster rate, but all in all life in 2012 isn't that bad. In fact, it was stupendous!

Thanks to my cheekiemonkie blog, I have met incredible people, gained friends and had the chance to savour some of the most amazing experiences with my family.

Thanks to my blog readers, I had a year of blessings beyond my wildest imagination. Yes, YOU! You have read my blog, encouraged me, challenged me, laughed and cried with me. Thank you for being a part of my Fatherhood journey.

Thanks to my parents and parent-in-laws, my three monkies are always loved. I have said it before and I will say it again - The only thing better than having you as a parent or parent-in-law is that my children have you for a grandparent. Thanks for taking care of them selflessly all these years.

Thanks to my three monkies, I know what it means to feel happy and upset at the same time. One minute I want to puke blood and the next I am laughing, loving, and learning with them what it means to be a parent, friend, teacher, mentor, policeman, authoritarian, and don't even get me started when it comes to the tech gadgets! Thank you for keeping me young, and being the most likely ones to send me to an early grave at the same time.

Thanks to my dear wifey, who I love with all of my heart and soul. I am an impatient twit at times, but thank you for being the most loyal, forgiving, gracious and giving woman I know. She has always been the calming influence in the family, and I could never have asked for a better mother to my three monkies. Trust me, four kids in one household ain't a piece of cake, especially if the eldest one irritates the hell out of you at times.

Have a great end to 2012, and may 2013 be the good-est, better-est and best-est for you and your loved ones yet! Happy Holidays!


This article first appeared on The Gingerbread Mum on 7 December 2012. 

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