Dec 2, 2012

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

(Daddy boogies)

Every kid loves a good groove every now and then, regardless of the genre of music. But enough about me. My 3 monkies too have a habit of jiving to the slightest hint of beats, even more stupendously so whenever Gangnam Style is blared over the speakers.

After all, we did perform together with Rick Astley on stage during 2010's Retrolicious concert.

And the boys did a mighty fine job back then, considering Ash and Ayd were 5 and 4 years old respectively!

So when the boys knew that we would be attending U Family's Mega Dance event at the Hard Rock Hotel last Saturday, they were naturally over the moon.

Billed as a family-centric event, it gives families the perfect opportunity to bond over music. And judging from the response of all the kids present, I would think they are all future clubbers in the making.

The adults, on the other hand, exhibited greater inertia to get those feet shuffling. No thanks to the outdoor venue methinks. Because it was undeniably hot and stuffy! Should U Family decide to organise another Mega Dance event next year, an air-conditioned venue would definitely be greatly welcomed by everyone I reckon.

Another area which needed improvement was the mass dance session. The dance instructors were a tad too professional for the mass crowd, with the complicated dance steps proving to be a major stumbling block for almost everyone. Maybe Mambo Jambo-style moves for next year?

But once it came to the free dance segments, it was truly a free for all as hordes of kids hopped onto the stage to strut their stuff. Just ask Ayd.

At the end of the day, the monkies did enjoy by dancing themselves silly. So if you look beyond the hiccups, I would say it certainly served as a great avenue for families to come and spend quality time together.

Photo courtesy of Andy, SengkangBabies

And if you are thinking to get active with your family too, here's your chance! This time around on 15th December 2012, bond over sports through Frisbee playing and Zumba workshops at U Family's Family Night Out Ultimate Play. Details are below.

One ticket admits 5 persons, and you can purchase tickets via HERE.

I am an NTUC U Family Blog Champion, and the above event was attended with compliment from U Family. 
U Family is a community that advocates the building of strong and happy families by championing work-life integration for working families. Be part of U Family, and be the first to know about their many unique activities. Sign up here and get a welcome gift too (while stock last).

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