Dec 30, 2012

Play by Chocolate

Media Invite
(Daddy munches)

Sweet treats at an Indoor Playground. How can a monkie say no to such a tantalising proposition? And so we found ourselves at Playful Elves - an Indoor Playground at West Coast Plaza - at the kind invitation of Party Parlour who had organised a chocolate-making workshop just in time for the festive season.

My 2 boys were overjoyed to have the SengkangBabies at the workshop as well. Ever since their last wild encounter together at the Loving Marina Bay exhibition, they were itching to meet up with them again.

The kids were first shown the steps required to make their own chocolate, and it was terribly easy. Just pop a slab of chocolate into the microwave oven to melt it down, and pour the liquid chocolate into the moulds.

Well, it sounded easy enough... if only the kids could resist the temptation and stop devouring the chocolate as they went about their chocolate-making business!

There were many moulds to choose from; Ayd went for the Gingerbread and Candy Cane designs while Ash opted for something much larger - a Chocolate Lollipop.

After a few wobbly and messy pours, the chocolate moulds were done!

Since we needed to wait while the chocolate hardened, the kids were taught how to make their very own Balloon Snowman!

Pretty neat huh? Equally neat was when the chocolate finally became solid again and the boys had the creations in their possessions.

And they did what every kid would do - conduct a quality control tasting session there and then.

Luckily for the wifey and Ale, there were ample samples for us to bring home.

With all the choco in their tummies, there was only a small matter yet to be completed - unleashing the entire gang of kiddos on the unsuspecting premises of the Indoor Playground at Playful Elves.

As you can probably tell, their playground antics truly deserve a separate blog post on its own.

Thanks once again to Party Parlour for hosting us. Party Parlour offers total event planning and management for kids parties, wedding planning, conferences and even private celebrations. For a hassle free and unforgettable good time, do drop by their webpage or Facebook page for more details.

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