Dec 27, 2012

The Balance is strong

(Daddy punches the air in joy)

If you remember, the 2 boys underwent bicycle riding lessons during the beginning of the school holidays, courtesy of Singapore Bike School. Ash managed to ride a bicycle within 1 hour of the lesson, while Ayd pretty much mastered the art of balance by the end of the second lesson.

Ayd still needed to work on his starting-off-to-pedal routine though, so all of us found ourselves back at East Coast Park for more practice. And this time, Ale was all gung-ho about joining them.

I rented a bicycle each for Ash and Ayd, and set them off to pedal. Ayd was determined to cycle as steadily as his older brother, and all it took for him to master it proper was a cool 5 minutes.

So yes, now I can proudly say both my boys can finally cycle - 11 years earlier than when I first learnt to cycle! Naturally, Ayd was at all smiles. :)

One is never too young to attempt to master his/her balance. So for Ale, we brought along the Strider so that she wouldn't feel left out.

The Strider is a no-pedal prebike that will allow a child to acquire and master the skill of balance before moving on to a bicycle. It was kindly sponsored last year by The Little Bike Shop, who is the authorized country distributor for Strider Bikes in Singapore. And judging from their joyous faces at riding a bicycle now, I would say both Ash and Ayd had benefited hugely from the Strider bike.

All that is left now is for Ale to master her balance on the Strider. And looking at how fast she had learnt to skate on her micro-scooter, I would think the days of joining her 2 older brothers on a cycling outing will not be too far away.

So.... Anyone wants to sponsor their bicycles? :D

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