Jan 20, 2013

A Welcome Distraction

(Daddy reminisces) 

I have been serving the nation since Monday and if the past one week is of any indication, my earlier than usual wake-up time every morning and lesser than usual interaction time with my monkies every evening would be testament to how patriotic I am to the nation.

And there are still two weeks of my reservist to go.

It is times like these that make me really treasure my weekend time with the family. Oh, and throw best buddies into the mix as well.

Our kids, together with three of their other best pals, make it a point to celebrate their birthdays together. I can't exactly the time when it all began but I recently came across this photo while doing some spring-cleaning on the disc drive.

That was taken in 2009, and everyone looked so cute then! Now all of them aren't half as cute... especially when they talk back. With the exception of Ale of course. Heh.

So it was a welcome distraction to take a break from the green uniform by celebrating the monkies' buddies' birthdays over a Saturday evening - with loads of food, cake and simple fun.

Thankfully though, each of them still enjoy one another's company. And long may that continue. Regrettably, I don't harbour the same sentiments for my reservist stint.

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