Jan 24, 2013

Look who's talking

(Daddy blogs)

The thing about Ayd is with him, one can never expect the norm.

Just the other night, he was having the following conversations with my sister.

Ayd: Erm, Ku-jie, your brother (Yes, he finds it funny by addressing me as the brother of my sis) is not coming home tonight so Ye-ye is fetching us. I think your brother is very strong to be in the army.

My Sis: Well Ayd, you will also be in the army one day you know so you will be my strong and macho man!

Ayd: I don't think I will be so strong like Papa.. but I know I will be fat.

My Sis:  .................

The second conversation duly followed.

Ayd: Hey Ku-jie, your brother is not coming home right? Then (whispers) can I play your iPhone please? 

My Sis:  Well, yes of course you can. I will just let my brother know.

Ayd: You know right... You are so pretty after you got married!

I suspect he got his way in the end.

Clearly, he still continues to surprise us in his own little way. If he is not falling asleep in class or into the pond that is.

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