Jan 2, 2013

NYE Countdown with friends

How did you spend your New Year's Eve? We spent the previous New Year's Eve in 2011 at the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown. It was buckets of fun alright, but the jam to get home after that got rather tedious.

So this year, we opted for something more cosier and one can't get any cosier than having a New Year's Eve gathering with our close buddies, complete with a jaw-dropping spread of food!

As usual, we kids were more focused on the play aspect whenever we get together while the adults were more intent on gorging the night away.

The gathering also had a special agenda on the cards - an early birthday celebration for ME!

My birthday inevitably coincides with the opening of the new school term every year, so it kind of feels good to always end the school holidays on a high with a celebration that is dedicated to yours truly. Of course, the presents and angpows play a huge role in that too!

Oh, did you notice the tray of eggs in the above 2 photos by the way? Those weren't ordinary eggs, but egg agar agar!

They were painstakingly made by first making a small puncture at one end of the egg and draining the egg yolk and white. Then each egg was filled with agar agar, and it even came with a yolk in the form of peach!

And we kids have Aunty Jayne's mummy to thank for them. I overheard the adults saying that they too remembered having these kind of egg agar agar when they were little. But luckily, we kids were quicker than the adults - I swiped two, Ayd walloped three while Sarah polished off FOUR!

No wonder all of us were on a sugar high after that. Thank goodness there was still the countdown. Heh.

Hope you had a great NYE Countdown as well. We certainly signed off 2012 in joyous spirits, and here's wishing everyone the very best in 2013! The new year has started rolling, and school has clicked into gear... so you can be sure to hear more about our school life - especially Ayd's foray into the world of formal education - in the next few posts!

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