Jan 6, 2013

Of durians, coconuts and lazy rivers

On Kong-kong's Birthday, which also happened to be Christmas Eve, we took our final overseas trip of 2012 to Desaru. Quite expectantly, di-di, mei-mei & I were over the moon!

Especially for di-di; because he had been bugging Daddy & Mummy incessantly to bring us back to Lotus Desaru - a sprawling beach resort with the ONE attraction that we kids will ever need and love.


A stupendous Water Park, located smack in the middle of the Resort. There were numerous water slides, a water playground, and even a huge tipping coconut!

But the star attraction that had di-di and me going on countless of times wasn't any of the above. It was the Lazy River - the highlight of the water park has got to be the Lazy River - a long meandering sloping slide which begins at the top of a slope and brings us all the way down to the pool via 4 sliding channels with 3 'whirlpools' in between them.

The last time when we were at Lotus Desaru in May 2011, di-di and I have gone sliding down the Lazy River more than twenty times. This time around, we didn't even bother to keep count. Heh.

Nothing has changed much since our visit back then, so you can click HERE (Part 1) and HERE (Part 2) for Daddy's more detailed write-up on Lotus Desaru.

After all the splashing fun, our tummies were rumbling! Luckily, the resort offers a variety of food outlets ranging from coffee houses and seafood restaurant to a beach front bar. But but but... if you yearn for some fresh seafood, you can take a 20-minute drive to Sungai Rengit where numerous seafood restaurants await.

And so we did. We even came back with quite a loot after we stumbled onto a roadside durian stall on our way back.

Yes, mei-mei is now officially a durian convert. And Kong-kong is happy for the company. :)

Since it was Christmas Eve, the Resort had lined up a host of activities at its lawn by the beach with carnival games, mass dance, performances and even fireworks at the stroke of midnight. It was definitely a good excuse for us monkies to stay up late!

We didn't manage to last to midnight though (drats!), as the earlier strains at the Water Park began to take its toll on us. No matter, for we already had our share of fun with bubbles and confetti-spraying!

Though we only stayed for one night stay at Lotus Desaru, we recommend families to stay for 2 nights so as to enjoy all the activities that Desaru has to offer. In addition to the 'splash-tacular' Water Park and beach, you can visit the nearby Desaru Fruit Farm and Ostrich Farm for a fun-filled educational day, or go on a Fireflies Cruise, where kids will be able to see these fascinating insects in their glowing glory.


Useful Information

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort

Lot 1854, Jalan Desaru
Bandar Penawar, 81930,
Kota Tinggi
Johor Darul Ta’zim, Malaysia
Tel: +607-884 2800 ext. 1966
Fax: +607-884 2994
Email: rsvn@lotusdesaru.com
Website: http://lotusdesaru.com/index

Driving Directions: 
Lotus Desaru Beach Resort is approximately 75 minutes away from Singapore via the new Senai-Desaru Expressway.

From the North-South Highway via Tuas Checkpoint, take the Senai exit (Exit 2201). Travel towards the direction of Desaru on the Senai-Desaru Highway and follow the signs to Lotus Desaru Beach Resort.

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Hippomum said...

Hi Kelvin, thank u for all your interesting and educational/informative posts! Can I ask if the monkies had any problems with sand flies at the Desaru beach and do u have any tips to prevent that on the kiddos? Sand flies are a huge problem for us as adults- extremely itchy and uncomfortable so I'm very afraid for my 2 yr old who will scratch at her mosquito bites to no end. Thanks!! Other than this we are so looking forward to the water park and sandcastle building at Lotus Desaru next week! Yay!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Hippomum,

Thanks for your kind words!

We didn't have any problems with sand flies while we were there at the beach. But in truth, we only spent a minimal amount of time on the beach as the kids would rather be a the water park!

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