Feb 22, 2013

Chingay 2013

Media Invite
(Daddy previews)

Having attended last year's sneak preview of Chingay, I was kindly invited back for yet another sneak peek at this year's edition of Asia's Grandest Street Parade.

Last year's Chingay boasted a 360-metre waterway, so what new tricks will this year bring? As it turned out, this year's Chingay will attempt to up the ante by combining 2 contrasting elements - Fire and Snow.

Themed 'Fire in Snow', Chingay 2013 promises a a dazzling spectacle of fire as a symbol of resilience, bravery, perseverance, passion and determination against a backdrop of the coldest snow which symbolises challenges and hardships, and are eventually overcome by the fire’s lights of hope. Together, Chingay 2013 hopes to celebrate the strength of the human spirit in the face of life’s challenges.

41 years ago, Chingay had started out as a Chinese street procession. Today, it has morphed into a highly anticipated uniquely Singapore event with various injections of performances by different cultural groups and international troupes, making a truly multi-cultural affair.

I had the chance to go really up close to where the action was at the full dress rehearsal. And although the spectator stands were empty, all the performers really gave it their all and their enthusiasm was absolutely infectious.

The parade opened with a majestic showpiece titled 'Song of Righteousness' (正气歌) as serene music filled the night air with 3,000 performers lighting up firepots, transforming the entire 360-metre parade route into a breathtaking ocean of fire.

450 tai-chi sword performers then complete the opening act by putting on a mesmerising choreographic display around the flickering words “正气”. All these while master calligraphy artistes led by Mr Tan Khim Ser will attempt to finish a calligraphy masterpiece before the music ends.

The next act was quite a refreshing change - think Western Opera infused with traditional Chinese Opera - as 900 members from the PA Youth Movement dressed in Western Opera costumes and masks danced among the more senior Chinese Opera group.

And what would Chingay be without its huge and bright floats?

All the usual suspects were there; ranging from phoenixes, dragons, lions, even a centipede, and all complete with firecrackers too. So cover those ears if you are seated among the first few rows!

The second part of the show then shifted to the Community, with members from 15 Group Representation Constituencies, Community Development Councils, PA Councils and community organisations joining forces to produce a stunning parade of community spirit expressed through different interest groups. What interest groups? Something to do with FOOD and EXERCISE!

The Finale was then signalled by a dim of the lights, with 1,000 performers moving forward, each carrying a fire torch and transforming the entire parade route into an Ocean of Fire. And all these culminated in the emergence of three majestic floats - the Strong Man, Lion and Condor floats -  as the strongest of all men, the king of beasts and the largest of birds signify collectively courage, bravery and the resilience spirit of mankind!

Chingay 2013 is happening TODAY (22 Feb) and TOMORROW (23 Feb) at 8pm! So grab your tickets through SISTIC soon!

And if you are unable to go down to soak in the Chingay atmosphere, fret not. The Chingay experience is coming to a heartland town near you!


Useful Details:

Venue: F1 Pit Building
Dates: 22 & 23 Feb 2012
Time: 8pm
Prices: 22 Feb - Cat 1 $50 | Cat 2 $40 | Cat 3 $28.50
23 Feb - Cat 1 $60 | Cat 2 $50 | Cat 3 $28.50
Click HERE to purchase Tickets. *Passion Cardmembers enjoy 20% off.
Website: http://www.chingay.org.sg/
Getting there:

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