Feb 18, 2013

Making the news

(Daddy blogs)

If you recall, Ayd became the first person in his primary school this year to fall into his school pond.

And since I had been so ruthless in sharing his misadventure with the world of Facebook, he had be busy fielding questions about his free-fall into the water whenever we meet someone we know. Even more so during the festive CNY season.

So whenever the subject of his fall was brought up, Ayd's immediate reaction is one of utter disbelief and incredulity.

"How did you know?"

That was what he wanted to know. The wifey then chipped in, saying his achievement had been reported in the newspapers.

"What the?"

Luckily for us, he didn't demand to see the evidence.

That was a few weeks back. Now, that prophecy has come true.

Thanks to Weekender Singapore -  a weekly lifestyle publication focusing on events, food, sports and activities in Singapore that is distributed to 230,000 homes - Ayd's encounter with his school pond DID make the news after all.

So now if someone asks him to narrate his experience once again, he has already prepared his model answer.

"I don't want to talk about it."

*Read the original article here: http://www.cheekiemonkie.net/2013/01/making-splash-ayden-style.html

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