Feb 8, 2013

Sentosa Flowers 2013

Media Invite
(Daddy previews)

The arrival of spring time is more often than not marked by the blooming of many flowers everywhere and this year, the sun, sand and sea will add further festivity into the CNY revelry.

Sentosa is the place to be from 9 - 17 Feb 2013 where for the first time, Sentosa Flowers 2013 will be setting up flower beds from the Beach Station to Palawan Beach and transforming 4.5 hectares (equivalent to almost five-and-a-half football fields) of golden beach into a garden of seasonal blooms and larger-than-life floral displays.

I was invited for a media preview of Sentosa Flowers 2013, and I reckoned Ale would love to be in the company of such beautiful blooms.

I was right. She immediately fell in love with the Giant Floral Carpet which is made up of 30,000 fresh flowers and measures 50-metres by 40-metres.

In the middle of it all stands a Zodiac Water Snake floral display that is made up of Cuphea, Carnation and Forget-me-not flowers.

It was truly a pretty sight to behold... though I think Ale was kept busy by the sweet scents of the flowers.

Did she love the flower display? I think the photo below says it all.

Also for the first time, Sentosa is introducing Sentosa in Bloom, where three garden plots will be 
designed and set up by the local community. This collaboration between Sentosa, the National Parks 
Board (NParks) and Singapore Polytechnic brings together the gardening community and aspiring 
landscape designers to present their creations at the shores of Palawan Beach.

Students and a lecturer from Singapore Polytechnic assisted in designing the garden plots while volunteers from NParks’ Community in Bloom programme will help to set them up by tapping on their gardening
expertise and experience.

One other display that caught my eye was the Rainbow Snake, which symbolises the river stream that  serves as an important life source for the villagers. Its beautiful prints take on the colour spectrum of the rainbow and shimmers when the sun shines on them.

For kids, there is an entire stretch of Fables Walk where partial 3-D displays will highlight valuable life lessons from timeless fables like The Ants & The Grasshopper and The Goose that lay Golden Eggs.

For couples, in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, Sentosa Flowers will feature a Four Seasons of LOVE garden - to demonstrate how this festival of love is celebrated in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. 

There are a total of 15 photo points along the entire stretch of Sentosa Flowers and we didn't have the time to go through all of them... but suffice to say, there is something for everybody.

Story of Nuwa
And if you do make your way down, you HAVE to pay THIS a visit no matter what.

THE key highlight of Sentosa Flowers: the Glittering Sandy Snake Trail is the longest snake sand sculpture
created by international renowned sand artist, JOOheng Tan, alongside 100 Sentosa staff volunteers
who helped complete the masterpiece by decorating the snake with colour-dyed sand.

Taking approximately 240 man-hours to create this art piece, Sentosa is attempting to set a Singapore Book
of Records with the ‘Longest Snake Sand Sculpture in Singapore’.

The Glittering Sandy Snake Trail is formed using sand collected from Sentosa's very own beaches and my word, it was so colourful and pretty.

Even Ale couldn't resist chipping in to help colour the long winding snake!

You can't exactly tell from the photo below, but the 168-metre snake forms the year '2013' and ends off with the chinese character 福 (fortune). Definitely very auspicious!

So if you need to take a break from all the visiting and gorging this CNY, grab your loved ones and family and head on down to Sentosa Flowers 2013, where pretty flowers bloom for you and me.

Useful Details

Venue: Sentosa – Beach Station to Palawan Beach, Sentosa
Dates: 9 - 17 Feb 2013
Time: 10am - 7pm daily
Charges: $5 per adult (Free entry for children under the age of 12)
*Usual island admission charges apply
Website: http://flowers.sentosa.com.sg/

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