Feb 28, 2013

The Shaver for the Modern Man

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Shaving can be a chore - especially if you have to wake up at 5.30am every morning to prepare the boys for school! I admit, I rather spend a few minutes more lazing in bed than attempt to slash the stubby foliage covering my chin with my shaver. So yes, I don't shave everyday if I can help it.

But you know how the world operates - a clean-shaven man projects an image of professionalism and tidiness. Not to mention my 3 monkies would have no reason to reject a kiss from me if I'm clean-shaven! The wifey still hasn't shown any signs of rejection (yet) but I don't think I will be taking any chances. So I am always game for any sort of help which would drastically lighten my shaving load.

And thankfully, it came in the form of the Philips AquaTouch Electric Shaver.

For the most part of my life, I have been using a manual cartridge shaver. And I always hated the stinging irritation that almost always accompanied the shaving. Oh, and who can forget the occasional razor mishaps where nicks and cuts form part of my shaving routine... especially since I am the bleary eyed one in the mornings!

Not cool at all.

So I was intrigued when I saw from the packaging of the Philips AquaTouch that it boasts either a comfortable dry shave or refreshing wet shave, without worrying about damaging one's skin. Ah, that last bit is definitely music to my ears.

Actually, I think my 2 boys were more eager than me to try out the shaver as they happily unboxed the package on my behalf... without my asking.

Well, the standard items are there: shaver, protection cover cap, charger and a cleaning brush. What I liked was the travel pouch, which will serve as a nifty storage bag especially on my travels.

As for the shaver itself, it has a TripleTrack cutting system with dual blades, with three shaving tracks that provide 50% more shaving surface while the blades lift and cut hairs. What this means is you are able to shave even the shortest stubble, which results in a far smoother shave and doesn't damage the skin unlike the manual ones.

Oh, and did I mention that the shaver is 100% waterproof??? It is absolutely safe to shave while in the shower - saving even much more time for busy fathers like me!

Not only that, the Philips AquaTouch also has an attached Pop-up Trimmer which is perfect for grooming moustaches & sideburns.

All well and good, but how did it perform when I put it to the test?

I had a nice little stubble growing prior to my first shave with the Philips AquaTouch and I always detest shaving short stubbles with a manual shaver because I always get the inevitable irritation after that. So to be honest, I wasn't exactly sure whether the same irritation will follow after using the Philips AquaTouch.

A few small circular motions across my chin later, I was done. And the result? My chin was smooth and clean. And the best part was I didn't get any stinging sensation in the aftermath even though I didn't use any shaving gel or foam.

With shaving comes cleaning too, and with my previous manual shaver I had to practically keep knocking it against my sink to get all those stubborn hairs out. Very frustrating indeed. But for the Philips AquaTouch, cleaning is as easy as it can get.

Just press a button below the blades and the entire shaver head will flip open. And since it is totally waterproof, just pop the shaver head under running water and give it a good rinse.

For the first time ever, I have both Ash & Ayd clamouring to wash my shaver for me. Yes, it is that simple (and fun).

Ayd even lamented that he couldn't get a chance to try out the shaver due his apparent lack of facial hair. LOL!

And if you are worrying about the cost and maintenance of an electric shaver - I know I did - you would be glad to know that the Philips AquaTouch comes in three different models, with prices starting from just S$79. To make it even more economical, there is no need to replace the self-sharpening shaver blades for up to three years, including a three-year warranty for the shaver. You can do the math, but I am sure the Philips AquaTouch offers a cheaper alternative in the long run than the frequent-blades-changing manual shaver!

Overall, I love how the partial rubberized contour-shaped body of the Philips AquaTouch AT890 allows me to have good grip and be in  full control of my shaving. Not forgetting the fact that I can enjoy up to 50+ minutes of cordless shaving on one charge. That's good enough for up to 17 shaves and adequate for me to head off for a 2-week holiday without the need to bring along my charger.

Hop over to www.philips.com.sg/aquatouch to see the entire range of Philips AquaTouch electric shaver models on offer. It'll make the perfect gift for the man in your life (for the ladies) or simply yourself (for the gentlemen)!

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