Mar 23, 2013

Going Places: Uncommon Playgrounds

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Thanks to URA and Andy of SengkangBabies, we had the opportunity to be featured on the latest edition of Going Places, URA's online magazine about appreciating our Singapore city anew. 

Tired of bringing the kids to the usual outdoor playgrounds, shopping malls and makan places? Seeking inspiration for more unique ideas on how to spend those precious weekends with your brood?

That's the premise of the article on Going Places, where 4 local Parent Bloggers (including us) share their uncommon fave haunts. And for us, I decided to showcase a certain off-the-beaten-track part on Singapore - Pasir Ris Mangrove Boardwalk:

Do you know that a Mangrove Boardwalk exists in Pasir Ris Park? Neither did I. The moment I discovered the existence of such a hidden gem, I knew I had to bring my three kids down for a good trek. The good thing about the Boardwalk is that it is suitable for people of all ages — it’s even stroller-friendly! This is a definite thrill for the families who are up for some crab or mudskipper-spotting.

Along the way, we spotted peculiar 'humps' in the ground made by mud lobsters, as well as the scampering tree-climbing crabs. Mudskippers, though, were a little more elusive. The kids (and even adults) needed some time before we came across one because of its camouflaging ability. But once we caught sight of one, it wasn’t too difficult to spot its friends lurking in the vicinity.

The end of the Boardwalk holds yet another gem — a jetty overlooking Sungei Tampines.

We spotted the most number of animals here! In the short span of 15 minutes, we saw herons, kingfishers, a water monitor-lizard, a gliding lizard (otherwise known as a 'flying dragon'), fishes like halfbeaks and archer fishes, and even a dog-faced water snake.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed trying to ‘out-spot’ one another, and it was all for good fun. And for that, it ranks as my family’s number one favourite place in Singapore!

If you are in need for more ideas, check out what places the other 3 Parent Bloggers had recommended here:

A big thank you to URA for giving us the chance to share our uncommon 'playgrounds'. For more insights as to what makes our city tick, subscribe to the Going Places e-newsletter or visit their Facebook page.

*To read our original guided tour of Pasir Rise Mangrove Boardwalk, click HERE.

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SengkangBabies said...

Hi5, to more playgrounds in Singapore :)

cheers, Andy (SengkangBabies)

Cheekiemonkies said...

yup, definitely!!! :D

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