Mar 14, 2013

Star-shaped Goodness

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Remember this?

When I was a young boy, I used to detest this a lot! I just couldn't stand the fishy after-taste so when the time came for my monkies to take their daily dosage of Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil, I expected them to take after me.

The opposite happened instead. They LOVE the taste - yes ALL three if them!

So when Scott's sent me some of their MultiVitamins & Minerals packs for a review, all three of them recognized the logo and wanted to try it almost instantaneously. Which didn't surprise me actually since Scott’s has been there for parents in Singapore for many years and generations of Singaporeans trust Scott’s as the best provider of daily care for their child. 

Scott’s Multivitamins & Minerals is a natural progression for children who grew up with Scott’s Emulsion. Packed with a chock-full of 20 essential vitamins and minerals, it contains Vitamins A, B, C, D, Calcium, Magnesium and other ingredients which help to maintain the good health of children.

But to the monkies, that wasn't the most appealing part.

The part that got them really excited was the chewable grape-flavoured tablet came in the shape of a star!

Pity Ale couldn't pop one into her mouth as it is recommended for children aged 6 years and above. So she could only watch in envy as her 2 brothers chewed away.

And they loved the grape taste! So did the kids of other parents who tried the Scott’s Multivitamins & Minerals. I had passed a bottle each to 5 other friends who have kids and then did an informal survey with each of them. Of all the kids who tried, all loved the taste, colour and shape of the multivitamins... in fact, they gave it 5 stars out of 5!

As for the parents, all 5 of them remember Scott's as a familiar brand as they were growing up as a child, and they were familiar too with the Multivitamins product. And seeing how they took to chewing the health supplement so readily, they too said they are highly likely to buy it for their children in future.

So I guess there isn't any surprise that Scott’s is rated the number one brand for Children Health Supplements in Singapore then. All thanks to the star shape. :)

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