Mar 4, 2013

Sesame Street Character Breakfast Buffet

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Other than the fan-boy type of characters from Transformers and Star Wars that I grew up with, the other show which I had great memories of was Sesame Street. I remember watching it every Saturday mornings and trying to spot the strings/wires that were attached to the numerous muppets then. Oh, and of course the educational aspect helped too.

Some things never change and it is now the turn of my 3 monkies to grow accustomed to Sesame Street. Or in their case, the likes of Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird. And no matter whoever you fancy, one can catch them all at Universal Studios Singapore who have been performing on a daily basis since May last year.

And what's cooler than watching them dance and prance around?

Uh-huh, having breakfast while they dance and prance around you.

The newest ride to hit Universal Studios Singapore - Elmo's Spaghetti Space Chase - began blasting off last Friday and in celebration of that, a 3-day Sesame Street Carnival was held. Resorts World Sentosa organised a kick-ass FANS DAY OUT for some of its most awesome Facebook fans and... we were lucky enough to tag along as well.

Such a lovely sight, isn't it? The entire New York section of USS was made even more whimsical with the many windmills and Sesame Street decoration all around. And it succeeded in making both Ash & Ayd much more excited to try out the new Elmo ride!

But more on that in the next post. First, there was the small matter of diving straight into the Character Breakfast Buffet proper.

And oh my, what a visual feast it was... everything looked so downright cute.

There were the usual suspects like sausages, eggs, hash browns, pasta with meat balls, pizza slices, waffles, mashed potatoes but what got to me was the Elmo-plates for kids that practically screamed SUPER CUTE!

Of course, what's a Sesame Street breakfast without some delightful pastries... conjured up in Sesame Street characters fashion no less.

I fear that the word 'cute' is already in danger of being the most overused word in this post but heck, they ARE oh-so-cute.

So cute that it would be criminal if one is popped into the mouth before a photo is snapped.

See what I mean?

And since we are at it, the mugs were cute too. Luckily, Ash had the perfect tee to complement it.

Okay, so enough of all the visual snaps already. Our tummies were rumbling, and all 3 monkies could not wait to sink their teeth into those tasty morsels. Especially Ayd I would think.

Except that he got waylaid by the first character appearance of the day - Cookie Monster!

Ale's fave character is Elmo, but I suspect Cookie Monster comes in at a close second... which probably explained why she demanded requested a solo portrait shot with the blue one.

See how ecstatic it made her?

So it was no surprise then that she was practically hopping down with excitement and jubilation when the next monster made his appearance.

And the next.

The amazing thing about these character breakfasts is that kids tend to eat a lot more quicker so as to snare a photo opportunity with the roving characters. And they eat a lot more too!

Ale obviously couldn't get enough of them so she bided her time at her table while waiting for the monsters to swing by once again.

She wasn't disappointed.

As a final treat, MY fave character from Sesame Street made his grand entrance. And no, he didn't stink.

By the way, I loved Oscar's costume the best too. It came complete with a trash can which he can just park and sit inside it whenever he's feeling tired. What a genius.

The boys too became geniuses of their own when they realised the Spaghetti Space Chase ride was due to open really soon but they had yet to polish off their plates. So they did what all kids would do - they proclaimed that they were full.

Well, tough luck. They still had to finish off whatever food was left on their cheery plates, and they eventually did.

A good thing too, because we need all the energy we could muster to aid Elmo in his space mission to save all the spaghetti in the world. Stay tuned for that in my next post!

The Sesame Street Character Breakfast is held on weekends and select holidays at 9am at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor, Universal Stuidios Singapore (USS). Tickets are priced at S$44 each for adults and S$32 each for children, excluding day admission fees to USS.

Special Promotion!
From now till 30 March 2013, take your pick from these 2 options - Single Admission Package or Family Admission Package!

Single Admission Package: Adult $113 | Child $82 | Senior Citizen $75
Package includes:
Universal Studio Singapore 1 Day Admission
Sesame Street Character Breakfast for One

Family Admission Package at $280, with Complimentary Child Breakfast
Package includes:
2 Adult Universal Studio Singapore 1 Day Admission
1 Child Universal Studio Singapore 1 Day Admission
2 Adult Sesame Street Character Breakfast
Complimentary 1 Child Sesame Street Character Breakfast

Available on these dates only: 9 Mar, 16 Mar, 23 Mar and 30 Mar 2013.

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cre8tone said...

Such a cute meal!

Cheekiemonkies said...

haha... yup! And the kids loved it!

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