Mar 18, 2013


Media Invite

When Daddy first broached the idea of going on a rainforest trail hunt at the Singapore Zoo over the weekend, di-di & I gave resounding roars of approval. Mei-mei, as usual, was at her monkie-see-monkie-do mode and wanted to be a part of the action as well.

No matter though, it was definitely a case of the more the merrier because it is Singapore Zoo's 40th Birthday  this year! And as part of its birthday celebrations, a Birthday Bash Zoo Hunt was held over the past weekend and we were all invited to give the hunt a go.

The Once Upon A Rainforest Trail was a self-navigated trail where we were given a questionnaire with a map, and tasked to answer the questions at the various check-points scattered within the Zoo. Once the trail was completed, we would be rewarded with a special gift pack!

We wasted no time in getting started, and promptly found our first station at the White Tiger Exhibit.

The trail took us through 12 of Singapore Zoo's most popular animals and exhibits, ranging from the Pygmy Hippos, Proboscis Monkeys to the hard-working Asian Elephants.

And through it all, we picked up some interesting tidbits of Singapore Zoo's heritage... including some which Daddy and Mummy didn't even know. For example, did you know that when the Zoo was first set up in 1973, the early team marked out the areas for animal enclosures using coloured raffia string and sharpened sticks?

Wah, I wouldn't want to go near the old Lion exhibit then!

And while di-di & I were hard at work, guess what mei-mei was doing?

Posing and requesting Daddy to take more photos of her, that's what.

But being the nice kor-kor that I am, I helped her filled up a copy of the trail questionnaire as well... just so that she wouldn't bug me for my gift pack at the end of the Rainforest Trail.

Thanks Singapore Zoo for the kind invite, and be sure to look out for more celebratory activities coming up from now until the end of this year!

But there isn't any need to wait if you are turning 40 years old this year. From now until 31 December 2013, Singaporeans and Permanent Residents who turn 40 in 2013 can enjoy 40% off admission ticket prices for themselves and four other friends when they visit during their birthday month! For more information, visit

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